Regional Hult Prize winning team pilots Roshni Rides in Orangi Town, NBC News

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Thursday, May 25, 2017
Newark, NJ

NBC News

A crowdfunded start-up is hoping to provide an answer to a transportation problem in refugee communities in Pakistan when it comes to accessible, reliable, and affordable means of getting around.

Unsafe bus in Orangi Town"People view transportation as luxury item when it comes to refugees, but it's actually a necessity," Gia Farooqi, co-founder of Roshni Rides, told NBC News. "Everyone needs to go to school, markets, and hospitals."

Roshni Rides, started by Pakistani Americans Farooqi, Hanaa Lakhani, Moneeb Mian, and Hasan Usmani, is a sustainable bus and transportation start-up aimed at easing the lives of refugees in Orangi Town, an informal settlement in Karachi, Pakistan. The four founders, who won the Hult Prize earlier this year, share a business background from Rutgers Business School, and said that starting Roshni Rides provided a business opportunity for them to help a community they care deeply about.

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