Rutgers Business School: elite, and so close to New York City internship opportunities, said Everett Wormley in On The Banks

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Monday, February 13, 2017
New Brunswick, NJ

On Rhe Banks

With all the hoopla of National Signing Day behind us, I had a chance to catch up with, Burlington Township’s and 2017 Scarlet Knight Signee, Everett Wormley for an exclusive interview for all of our “On the Banks” fans to get to know Ev a little better. To see my scouting report on Wormley, simply click here.

What was it about Rutgers University, outside of Football related reasons, that helped you make your decision to attend school there?

Rutgers Business School is elite, and since I want to major in marketing it was a good match. Plus New York City being so close presented great internship opportunities.

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