Students in the mini-MBA program, Business Management for Military and Veterans, learn to "take their military strategy and use it as business strategy," said Margaret O'Donnell in Hispanic Outlook

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Monday, May 2, 2016
New Brunswick, NJ

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine

To strengthen and improve the business careers of veterans, Rutgers Business School introduced a mini-MBA program, Business Management for Military and Veterans, in fall 2015.   Veterans who participate in this Executive Education program earn a non-credit certificate.  The hope is if they like the program and demonstrate the right aptitude and skills, they'll enroll in a full MBA program.

In its first year, it attracted 11 participants. Most of its Executive Education programs attract from 10 to 30 students, which ensure close interaction between students and faculty.

The mini-MBA program lasts one week, starting on Monday and ending Friday.  Keeping it at one week's duration enhances its appeal, explained Margaret O'Donnell, program director for Rutgers' Executive Education.  "We find the accelerated form works well; some are offered online (though the mini-MBA isn't)," she said.

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