Academic Programs for Management and Global Business

Undergraduate Degrees

Major in Management & Global Business

This undergraduate program is available on both the Rutgers Newark and New Brunswick campuses. It focuses on the areas of negotiations, cross-cultural management, international trade, and other issues occurring in the global environment. 


Graduate Degrees

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Rutgers Business School's newest MBA concentration in Entrepreneurship is designed for students who want to develop skills to launch new businesses, or take on business development and other leadership roles at growth-oriented organizations. The new concentration encourages students to generate new sources of enterprise, come up with innovative business ideas, and create new jobs.


MBA in Global Business

The Global Business concentration prepares students to manage effectively in a global business environment that is complex and changing. Building on a foundational course in international business, students can select from a range of courses that address issues of managing in a global environment, such as cross-cultural management, negotiations, strategic alliances and technology transfer, and students can select as well courses in international trade or finance, procurement, and marketing. The department also regularly offers courses that involve travel abroad, combined with structured learning on and off campus. One such course offered through the department can be counted toward the concentration. This concentration is especially valuable for students who choose a concentration in a functional field (e.g., Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, etc.) and then pursue a second concentration in Global Business. This sends a signal to employers of having both functional specialization as well as the broad strategic purview of how to manage in a global economy. In addition to the Full-Time or Flex core MBA curriculum requirement, Full-Time and Flex MBA candidates following the new curriculum and seeking a concentration in management and global business must take five intensive courses of their choice at either the Newark or New Brunswick, New Jersey campuses (four courses for Flex MBA candidates following the old Flex MBA curriculum). However, depending on the student’s area of interest, with the approval of the Department’s chair he/she may be allowed to take one course from the other departments toward this concentration.


MBA in Strategy & Leadership

The Strategy & Leadership concentration prepares students to step into strategic management and organizational leadership positions. The concentration offers two separate tracks, either of which requires taking a total of 15 credits in courses related to the concentration.

The Strategy track prepares students to develop and execute organizational and business strategies, create or extend new products and services to cope with technological and market changes, manage mergers, acquisitions and alliances, and build organizational capabilities for long term competitive advantage.

The Leadership track prepares students to manage people, teams, and organizations. Courses in executive leadership, creative decision making, human resource management, team building, management consulting, negotiations, and change management provide students with the tools they need to be successful organizational leaders.


PhD in International Business

The International Business program prepares a small number of students for careers as researchers and teachers in academia, consulting, and international organizations such as the UN or the World Bank.  Students in the international business major study the interface between the competitive advantages of countries, the role of national governments and supranational organizations, and the strategies of international firms. 

The program is interdisciplinary. It draws upon the writings of scholars in economics, management, organization theory, science and technology studies, and political science. Students have opportunities to choose elective courses from disciplines such as finance, marketing and management science.


PhD in Organization Management

The doctoral program in Organization Management offers preparation for research and teaching careers in five major areas: organizational behavior, organization theory, strategic management, management of technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship. In addition to formal course work, students engage in independent study and research with faculty and other graduate students.  The program has a strong record of publication by students and alumni, often in collaboration with faculty members.