Whitcomb Center for Research in Financial Services creates "The Clearinghouse Project" to offer guidance for exchanges, traders and regulators

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

With the structure of securities markets changing dramatically, Rutgers Business School’s Whitcomb Center for Research in Financial Services announced the formation of “The Clearinghouse Project” to offer guidance to markets and participants. Exchanges, traders and regulators will benefit from the rich research experience and critical analysis the Whitcomb Center has been providing since 1986.

“There is a great unmet need for university-based global market structure consulting,” said Daniel G. Weaver, PhD, Director of “The Clearinghouse Project” and Associate Professor, Finance and Economics at Rutgers Business School. “We offer exchanges, regulators, and participants the combined knowledge of four market structure experts with long histories of providing client services to market participants.”

The services offered by “The Clearinghouse Project” include:

  • Compiling White Papers and/or executive summaries of literature relevant to a particular decision or trading rule (e.g., the impact of pre-trade transparency or securities taxes on market quality)
  • Conducting surveys (e.g., polling participants on anticipated responses to changes in trading rules)
  • Analyzing the ex-post impact of rule changes relative to a desired outcome (e.g., do changes in order display rules result in improved liquidity?)
  • Compiling execution quality statistics to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements


The Whitcomb Center for Research in Financial Services at Rutgers Business School, named after market structure theory pioneer David Whitcomb, funds research, acquires up-to-date financial databases and underwrites faculty and doctoral student participation in prominent academic conferences.

Full details of “The Clearinghouse Project” can be found by visiting the Whitcomb Center home page at business.rutgers.edu/whitcomb.

Email Daniel Weaver, PhD, Director of “The Clearinghouse Project."

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