RBS team takes 2nd in Johnson & Johnson national case competition

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This spring, ten RBS student teams competed in the annual Johnson & Johnson Local Case Competition applying the skills they learn in class to a real life business case. The winning team, from the Newark campus, moved on to the Nationals held at Johnson & Johnson corporate headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ, and took home second place after competing against nine other prestigious business schools. RBS team members were: Derek Brown, Melissa Duong, Owanate Erekeosima, Yuanqing He, Robert Kierzkowski, Jiangnan Wangs, and Feng Ye.

Each year, Johnson & Johnson sponsors the case competition for undergraduate freshmen, sophomores and juniors on different college campuses across the country, as a way to challenge students and to attract standouts to the prestigious J&J Financial Leadership Development Program.

“The competition forced me to harness my computational, creative and social skills and apply them to a real-life business situation,” said RBS team member Ian Santayana, a junior accounting major. “I am now better prepared and ready for the corporate world."

This year's case focused on the cardiovascular market. Each team was given information and financial data around three options: co-developing a new pharmaceutical drug, internally developing a medical device or acquiring an emerging technology which focuses on disease prevention. The students learned about heart rhythm problems, heart defects and diseases of the blood vessels while applying the knowledge they gained at RBS to analyze and clarify which option gave Johnson & Johnson the best long term sales and profit potential. On the day of the local competition, the company sponsored a luncheon for all participants where the students were able to meet with company executives and professionals to explore employment options at Johnson & Johnson.

“The annual Johnson & Johnson case competition for undergraduates gives Rutgers Business School students the opportunity to try solving a real world problem using the skill sets they have acquired in their studies,” said Professor Joe Markert, advisor to the team. “It is intense, interesting and very stimulating multi discipline competition for the students and results in a tremendous learning experience for all participants. RBS values our partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the opportunity they provide our students to participate in the annual case competition.”

Rutgers Business School’s strong corporate partnerships and multidisciplinary approach to business education provides various opportunities to students to explore, compete, and learn, but placing second in this competition is due to the talent and hard work of RBS students.

“We had very good team chemistry, each of us worked very hard, and our strengths complemented each other,” said Feng Ye, team member and sophomore finance major. “Overall the Johnson & Johnson case competition gives us a perfect opportunity to apply what we learned in a teamwork setting."

Hannah Redmond

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