Undergraduate-New Brunswick student leader graduates with "toolkit that allows me to utilize my strengths and develop my weaknesses"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Distinguished Leadership Award Winner: Ceida Polezel, BS ‘12

In continuing a tradition that began last year, select Rutgers Business School (RBS) students rang a brass bell reminiscent of the New York Stock Exchange opening and closing bell at Rutgers University Commencement on May 13. Graduating Undergraduate student Ceida Polezel was one of those proud students.

Ceida, who majored in Finance and was an active member in many student organizations, is a recipient of Rutgers Business School’s “Distinguished Leadership Award” given to one student leader from Newark-Undergraduate, New Brunswick-Undergraduate, and Graduate Programs of RBS, respectively. The award recognizes student leaders who demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, service to RBS, and leadership potential.  The name of each recipient was engraved onto the Rutgers Business School Bell and will be in successive years for posterity.

Why did you decide to study business?

I wanted to learn a technical skill set that could be applicable to any career I wanted to have later on in life. I always loved math and analyzing what numbers actually mean and finance gave me a chance to do that. After learning more about different types of companies and the stock market, I fell in love with learning about business models, corporate strategies and other ways finance could be used creatively in order to make businesses more profitable.

Which clubs/activities were you involved in while in school?

During my years at RBS, I became very involved on campus with various organizations. Currently, I serve as President for the Rutgers Business Governing Association, an organization I have been part of for three years.

I have also been very involved in LIBOR (Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers) as the Director of Alumni Relations, which plans our annual Finance Summit networking event. We also help students with professional development and recruitment for top financial firms on Wall Street. Other organizations I was involved in also include the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society where I was an event coordinator. I was also a FIGS Peer Instructor for the Business School Discovery House on Livingston during my junior year. This program helped me gain leadership and mentoring skills as I taught a class of 14 first year business school students.

Which RBS class was your favorite and why?

My favorite class in RBS was the Business Valuation/Investment Banking Analysis class taught by Professor John Longo. I really enjoyed this class because we were paired with Rutgers alumni working on Wall Street and they mentored us on how to do valuation analysis on a company we were interested, and my partner and I chose Best Buy (BBY). We learned how to build a financial model, conduct comparable analysis, and did field research in order to determine if BBY would be a good candidate to invest in. It was a great hands-on learning experience which helped prepare me for my career in Investment Banking. 

What do you think the program has done to prepare you for your future?

The Rutgers Business School program offers many resources which helped me learn about different careers, majors, and opportunities. The finance program has an excellent curriculum which taught me tangible and useful skills that I was able to use throughout my various internships. The professors in the program actually cared about my experience and made sure the students learned the material. Rutgers Business School provided me with a toolkit that allowed me to utilize my strengths and develop my weaknesses so I could be a well-rounded professional. I think what helped me the most were the various in-class projects where I was able to learn hands-on, listening to the professors talk about their experiences in the industry and conducting research as well as various student organizations which I was able to develop my leadership skills. 

What was your favorite “RBS Moment?”
My favorite "RBS Moment" was the Annual RBGA Involvement Fair and BBQ back in September where this year we decided to co-sponsor with Ernst & Young. It was our biggest event of the year and it was so great and inspiring to see students wanting to get involved on campus and talk to professionals. I was standing at the RBGA table selling our RBS apparel when I finally looked up and realized, “Wow there are like 200 kids here right now all wanting to get involved.” This was one of the last events at Rutgers I helped organized and I was proud that it was very successful. I felt that my mission as a leader on campus was accomplished and it was going to be a great start to an amazing senior year at Rutgers. 

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