Related PhD Programs

Several other schools and departments at Rutgers University and NJIT offer doctoral programs that deal with various aspects of management. These include


Our program is the only doctoral program in business in the state of New Jersey. However, there are three business doctoral programs in New York City (at Baruch College, Columbia University, and New York University) and three in Philadelphia (at Drexel University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania).

A complete list of doctoral programs in business in the United States, with links to their websites, is available from the Ph.D. Project, a non-profit organization devoted to increasing the representation of minorities in U.S. business school faculties, information of doctoral programs in business in the US and abroad is also provided by and, but these sites are commercial and usually list only universities that have paid fees to them.

Several for-profit institutions offer opportunities to earn doctoratesin business through distance learning. Such doctorates do not generally open opportunities for regular academic appointments in colleges and universities.