Avg Time Requirements for PhD Course

Average Time Requirements for One Hour 3-Credit Course in Organizational Management



Having completed eight courses in the program, I am often asked by potential students how much time a three-credit course consumes. Reviewing my records from these courses, this is my best estimate.
~ Neill Tolboom


Average Course Requirements

Weekly Time requirement
120-160 pages of readings. On average I can read and make notes on 30 pages per hour. 5 hours
1 page theme, review, or critique. On average preparation is 1 hour. 1 hour
Midterm Paper Time requirement

10-12 pages. On average I can produce one page of finished product for every 3 hours of preparation.

  • 1 hour for literature review
  • 1 hour for writing
  • 1 hour for rewriting, citations etc.
30 hours
Final Paper Time requirement
20-30 pages. Same preparation time (1 hour per page) as midterm paper. 60 hours
Class presentation of final paper. PowerPoint preparation and notes. 3 hours
Total Time Requirements
Weekly (7 day * 14 weeks) 98 hours
Midterm Paper 30 hours
Final Paper 63 hours
Total: 191 hours

Weekly requirement for the length of the course: 12.7 hours



This has been my experience only. Some courses require more time and some less. This assumes the student does all the readings and prepares properly for each class.
~ Neill Tolboom