(AIS Department, Rutgers Business)


26:010:651 Accounting Theory I
Spring 2006 and every second spring thereafter.
Analysis of selected major concepts and issues in financial accounting theory and practice and their managerial implications. Topics include methodological issues.

26:010:652 Accounting Theory II
Fall 2005 and every second fall thereafter.
Topics include activity-based costing and management, agency theory, budgetary control systems, behavioral research in management accounting, compensation and incentive systems, efficiency and productivity measurement, decentralized performance evaluation systems, and quality control and measurement issues.

26:010:653 Current Topics in Auditing
Fall 2006 and every second fall thereafter.
Advanced review of auditing literature covering both internal and external auditing. Topics include development of modern auditing theory, disclosure problems, principles of managerial control, and operational auditing.

26:010:666 Accountants' Judgment and Decision Making
Not taught in 2005-2006 or 2006-2007.
Theoretical and methodological issues in behavioral research in accounting. Attention is devoted both to individual factors, such as memory, knowledge, and expertise, and to contextual features of accounting decision making, such as accountability, the review process, and information characteristics.

26:010:680 Accounting Theory III
Spring 2007 and every second spring thereafter.
Discussion and review of selected topics in accounting research implementation, and empirical testing in major fields of accounting.

26:010:685 Special Topics in Accounting
Topic: Business Ethics Seminar

Topic: Survey of Accounting Information Systems Research

Topic: Theory of Evidence

Topic: Decoding of Textual Corporate Communication

26:010:686 First Early Research Seminar in Accounting

26:010:687 Second Early Research Seminar in Accounting

26:010:688 Independent Study in Accounting

26:010:689 Rutgers Accounting Research Forum

26:010:799 Dissertation Research in Accounting


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