Applied Economics

(Finance & Economics Department, Rutgers Business)


26:223:552 Microeconomic Theory
Students may substitute 26:220:501. Either 26:223:552 or 26:220:501 is offered every fall.
Surveys and applies elements of marginal analysis, capital theory, utility, and risk analysis to problems in demand analysis, production, cost and distribution, market structure and pricing, and capital budgeting.

26:223:553 Macroeconomic Theory
By arrangement for majors
Models, with attention to empirical work, of aggregate demand and supply and their components, i.e., investments and consumption; supply and demand for money and other financial assets; capital and labor markets. Determinants of the price level and of inflation; rates of interest, employment, and income; and international macroeconomic relations. Reviews major issues in the evaluation of monetary policy.

26:223:554 Econometrics
Students may substitute 26:220:507. Either 26:223:554 or 26:220:507 is offered every spring.
Statistical techniques for the analysis of models applicable to economic data and their application to management problems. Prerequisite: 26:960:577.

26:223:655 Advanced Econometrics
Fall 2006 and every fall thereafter.
Simultaneous equation models, seemingly unrelated regressions, autocorrelation, ARIMA models, and nonlinear estimation. Applications of such techniques to theoretical and empirical problems. Prerequisites: 26:223:552 and 26:223:554.

26:223:657 Advanced Microeconomics
Not offered in 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. Students may wish to consider 26:711:685 Procurement Auctions, offered in Spring, 2007
An advanced theoretical treatment of major topics in micro-economics, including alternative models of consumer demand and the demand for the factors of production; the theory of market equilibria, their existence and stability; and the concepts of perfect competition, monopoly, and other market imperfections. Prerequisites: 26:223:552 and 26:960:577.

26:223:685 Special Topics in Applied Economics

26:223:686 First Early Research Seminar in Applied Economics

26:223:687 Second Early Research Seminar in Applied Economics

26:223:688 Independent Study in Applied Economics

26:223:799 Dissertation Research in Applied Economics


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