Suresh Govindaraj

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Varzgani, Nilofar
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: New Dynamic Optimization Models for Tax Loss Valuation and Sourcing Problems

Name: Al Abbad, Amal
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Essays on the Performance, Disclosure, and Corporate Governance of Islamic Banks

Name: Li, Yubin
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Three Essays about Accounting Information and Financial Derivatives

Name: Zhao, Chen
Graduation Date: 2015/May
Thesis Title: An Investigation of Stock and Options Markets, and their Interaction

Name: Chandia, Karina
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Option Prices and Accounting Choices

Name: Liu, Sangsang
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Portfolio Selection, Pead Anomaly and Value Relevance of Earnings

Name: Shih, Wei-Kang
Advisors: Govindaraj, Suresh and Lee, Cheng-Few
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Firm Fundamentals and Asset Pricing

Name: Lynch, Paul
Graduation Date: 2008/January
Thesis Title: An Empirical Examination of the Association Between Auditor Change Events and Stock Prices