Cheng-Few Lee

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Chang, Chingfu
Graduation Date: 1999/October
Thesis Title: Determinants of Capital Structure and Management Compensation:  The Partial Least Squares Approach

Name: Chen, Hong-Yi
Graduation Date: 2011/May
Thesis Title: Momentum Strategies, Dividend Policy, and Asset Pricing Test

Name: Chien, Chin-Chen
Graduation Date: 1992/October
Thesis Title: Alternative Methods for the Estimation of Earnings and Dividends Announcement Effects: Review, Integration, and Extension

Name: Chiou Wan-Jiun Paul
Graduation Date: 2004/October
Thesis Title: International Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Asset Pricing: Theory and Applications

Name: Hu, Chengru
Graduation Date: 2004/May
Thesis Title: The Evaluation of New Products: An Event Study and a Real Option Approach

Name: Hwang, Dar-Yeh
Graduation Date: 1991/October
Thesis Title: Alternative Pricing Models for Estimating FDIC Deposit Insurance Premiums: Theory and Empirical Studies

Name: Lee, Han-Hsing
Graduation Date: 2007/October
Thesis Title: Two Essays in Financial Economics: Essay I. Empirical Performance of the Constant Elasticity Variance Option Pricing Model; Essay II. Default Prediction of Alternative Structural Credit Risk Models and Implications of Default Barriers

Name: Li, Li
Graduation Date: 1998/May
Thesis Title: Alternative Models for Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation: Theory and Evidence

Name: Liu, Bo
Graduation Date: 2006/May
Thesis Title: Two essays in Financial Economics, I. Functional Forms and Pricing of Country Funds, II. Inflation, the Fisher Equation, and Term Structure Model of Inflation Risk Premia: Theory and Evidence from TIPS

Name: Liu-Avis, Yu-Jung
Graduation Date: 1995/October
Thesis Title: Three Alternative Term Structure of Interest Rates Models for Testing Term Point Estimation Hypotheses

Name: Mai, Shin-Ying
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Financial Distress, Earnings Management, and Post-Earnings Announcement Drifts

Name: Moore, Mark
Graduation Date: 2002/January
Thesis Title: Intangible Asset Valuation using the Feltham-Ohlson Framework and Real Option Analysis: Theory and Empirical Evidence.

Name: Shih, Wei-Kang
Advisors: Govindaraj, Suresh and Lee, Cheng-Few
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Firm Fundamentals and Asset Pricing

Name: Tai, Tzu
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: Essays on Capital Structure, Risk Management, and Options on Index Futures

Name: Wu, Ta-Peng
Graduation Date: 2000/May
Thesis Title: An Empirical Comparison of Alternative Option Pricing Models: Parametric vs. Nonparametric Approach.