Farok J. Contractor

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

Negotiating alliance contracts: Strategy and behavioral effects of alternative compensation arrangements,International Business Review Volume: 9, Issue: 3, June, 2000, Contractor, Farok J.; Ra, Wonchan pp. 271-29;

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Choi, Jeongho
Graduation Date: 2015/January
Thesis Title: Global Knowledge Sourcing Activities: The Choice of Research and Development Alliance Governance Modes in Pharmaceutical Industry

Name: Thakur, Pooja
Graduation Date: 2010/ May
Thesis Title: The Offshoring and Outsourcing of Core Corporate Activities: The global relocation of pharmaceutical industry clinical trials.

Name: Pore, Anand
Graduation Date: 2010/January
Thesis Title: Determinants of the Mode of Offshoring of Services by Large US Corporations: Role of Service Characteristics, Firm's Capabilities, Strategic Motives, and Concerns.

Name: Li, Huiping
Graduation Date: 2006/October
Thesis Title: The Accumulation of Technological Capability Within International Joint Ventures in China.

Name: Woodley, James
Graduation Date: 2002/October
Thesis Title: Control Over Inputs in International Strategic Alliances: The Case of the U.S. Packaged Software Industry.

Name: Kim, Changsu
Graduation Date: 2002/January
Thesis Title: The Co-Evolution of Alliance and Technology Networks: Alliances and Interfirm Learning in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

Name: Ra, Wonchan
Graduation Date: 1999/ May
Thesis Title: Compensation Structure and Negotiations In International Strategic Alliances.