PhD Research with Petra Christmann

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Dewi, Grace
Graduation Date: 2017/May
Thesis Title: Banking in Emerging Markets

Name: Choi, Gunae
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility in Mergers and Acquisitions

Name: Hamilton, Denis
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Change in Firm Technology Strategy in Response to a Disruptive Event

Name: Chung, Ken
Graduation Date: 2012/May
Thesis Title: Catalytic Events: Environmental Events that Transform Institutions.

Name: Aravind, Deepa
Graduation Date: 2008/May
Thesis Title: Variations in implementation of certifiable management practices across certified firms: An examination of the determinants and consequences of ISO 14001 implementation.