Hui Xiong

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Qu, Meng
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: Mobile Recommender Systems with Business Effective Strategies

Name: Fu, Yanjie
Graduation Date: 2016/October
Thesis Title: Real Estate Ranking: from Black Magic to Data Science

Name: Liu, Bin
Graduation Date: 2016/October
Thesis Title: Personalized Recommendations in Mobile Business Environments

Name: Li, Zhongmou
Graduation Date: 2016/January
Thesis Title: Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics for Financial Risk Management

Name: Liu, Chuanren
Graduation Date: 2015/May
Thesis Title: Sequential Pattern Analysis with the Right Granularity

Name: Ge, Yong
Graduation Date: 2013/May
Thesis Title: Recommendations in Mobile and Pervasive Business Environments.

Name: Zhou, Wenjun
Graduation Date: 2011/May
Thesis Title: Correlation Analysis: From Computational Hardness to Practical Success.