Nabil R. Adam

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

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Dissertations Supervised:

Name: He, Xiaoyun
Graduation Date: 2011/October
Thesis Title: Privacy Preserving Analysis of Graph Structured Data.
(Co-directed with Jaideep Vaidya)

Name: Chun, Soon Ae
Graduation Date: 2003/May
Thesis Title: Decentralized Management of Dynamic and Customized Workflows

Name: Cho, June-Suh
Graduation Date: 2002/January
Thesis Title: Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects in Content-Based Image Retrieval.

Name: Adiwijaya, Igg
Graduation Date: 2000/ May
Thesis Title: Change Detection to Data and Schema in Semi Structured Documents.

Name: Holowczak, Richard
Graduation Date: 1997/May
Thesis Title: Extractors for Digital Library Objects.

Name: Gangopadhyay, Arrya
Graduation Date: 1993/May
Thesis Title: Using Conceptual Dependencies for Database Design and Query Processing in a CIM Environment

Name: Subramanian, Ramesh
Graduation Date: 1992/May
Thesis Title: Object-Oriented Modeling and Intelligent Query Processing in Spatial Databases

Name: Tewari, Rajiv
Graduation Date: 1990/May
Thesis Title: Robustness in Replicated Databases

Name: Morehead, Dianne
Graduation Date: 1989/October
Thesis Title: Due Date and Priority Assignment Procedures for Multi-Level Assembly Job Shops

Early Summer Research Projects of Current PhD Students:

Name: Janice Warner
Project Title:

Several researchers have proposed collaborative access control models. They have focused on modeling the collaboration itself using a derivative of role-based access control. However, methodologies for dynamically establishing a collaboration without intensive administration are still lacking. Such methodologies would be invaluable to emergency and disaster management as well as in many contexts of e-business such as inter-organizational business processes, supply chains, and customer relationship management. The goal of this paper is to summarize the research to date in defining collaborative access control models and to consider several issues:

  • Reconciling the heterogeneity among multiple security policies since the type of access control policies (e.g., MAC, DAC, RBAC) adopted by potential collaborators are likely to vary.
  • Mapping privileges to credential attributes since identity-based policies are impractical for a dynamic environment where the resource requestors are unknown.
  • Identifying clusters of similar resources to allow policies to be set on groups of resources that belong together conceptually.
  • Resolving semantic heterogeneity among security policies so that semantic differences between the usage of roles or attributes as they might be applied in different organizations do not lead to inadequate protection of the resources.

Advances in these issues would lead to a more dynamic collaborative access control environment by reducing the administrative burden of defining and maintaining collaborative policies. Instead, the focus would be on ensuring that access control decisions made internally and across domains are applied uniformly and securely.

Existing research identifies the need for collaborative roles, resources clusters and rationalization of semantics. However, concrete solutions outside of manual definition, have not been provided. To address the policy heterogeneity issue, we look at formal graph grammars and logic languages that can be used to express various access control models in a common way. For the middle issues, we consider what has been done in the area of role mining to extract roles from existing policies to determine if a similar process might be applied to extracting attributes and resource groups. As far as semantics goes, ontologies and meta-policies are considered the silver bullets, but their creation and use could also benefit from automation in order to be applicable to a dynamic environment.