Sengun Yeniyurt

Professor Yeniyurt’s published work with Ph.D. students:

With Mehmet Berk Talay, while he was a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University:

Townsend, Janell D., Yeniyurt, Sengunand Mehmet Berk Talay (2008) Getting to Global: An Evolutionary Perspective of Brand Expansion in International Markets, Journal of International Business Studies, forthcoming.

Yeniyurt, Sengun, Townsend, Janell D. and Mehmet Berk Talay (2007) Factors Influencing Brand Launch in a Global Marketplace, Journal of Product and Innovation Management, 24 (September), pp 471-485.

Townsend, Janell, Yeniyurt, Sengun, and Mehmet Berk Talay, Global Coevolution:  Factors Influencing the International Expansion of Automotive Brands, 2007 Academy of International Business Conference, (Indianapolis, IN, June 25-28, 2007).

With Jing Yang, while she was a Ph.D. candidate at University of Massachusetts, Amherst:

Yang, Jing, Chan, Kwong, andSengun Yeniyurt, Exploring Brand Equity Differences Between Utilitarian and Hedonic Products, 2008 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 28-31, 2008).

With Erin Cavusgil, while she was a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University:

Yeniyurt, Sengun, Townsend, Janell D. and Erin Cavusgil, International Marketing Alliance Dynamics: Empirical Findings from the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2005 AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference Proceedings (San Antonio, TX, February 11-14, 2005). Awarded Best Global Marketing Paper.



Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Hong, Zhijian
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: The Impact of Employee Referral Programs on Referral Likelihood and Customer Purchase Intention

Name: Umar, Setiadi
Graduation Date: 2017/January
Thesis Title: Competitive Condition and Dynamics of Market Positioning

Name: Satoglu, Emine
Graduation Date: 2016/October
Thesis Title: The Role of National Innovation Systems on FDI: A Longitudinal Data Analysis on Dunning’s Investment Development Path

Name: O'Connor, Genevieve
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Enhancing Service Usage by Improving Access: Essays on Service Marketing

Name: Carnovale, Steven
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: The Antecedents of Supply Chain Manufacturing Joint Ventures: A Social Network Perspective

Name: Bayraktar, Ahmet
Graduation Date: 2013/May
Thesis Title: Understanding the Effect of Country Equity on Consumer-Based Brand Equity: A Foundation to Country Branding Strategies