Harsharanjeet Jagpal


Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Kohli, Pankaj 
Graduation Date: 2001/January 
Thesis Title: Channel Structure and Firm Performance: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Name: Srinivas, V. K. 
Graduation Date: 2000/ May 
Thesis Title: Theory and Modeling of Consumers’ Avice-Seeking Behavior.

Name: Ha, Joseph 
Graduation Date: 1997/May 
Thesis Title: Industrial Buyer-Seller Long-Term Relationships: A Causal Model Incorporating Antecedent Factors 

Name: Albright, Paul 
Graduation Date: 1995/January 
Thesis Title: Optimal Sales Compensation Policies Under Uncertainty: Consequences of Matching the Compensation-Risk-Payoff Preference of Industrial Salespersons

Name: Chandrashekaran, Rajesh 
Graduation Date: 1994/May 
Thesis Title: The Differential Effects of Internal and External Reference Prices: The Moderating Effect of Involvement

Name: Koku, Paul 
Graduation Date: 1994/January 
Thesis Title: The Effect of Preannouncements and Annoucemencements on the Value of the Firm