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Supply Chain Education Partnership Program

19 Jan
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In the Summer 2015, The Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business school kicked off the first Supply Chain Management (SCM) High School summer program. This Supply Chain Education Partnership Program provides local high school students a sense of supply chain management as a career. The Supply Chain Education Partnership introduces Newark high school students to careers in the SCM arena and even adds hands on experience. The first year was funded by a $30,000 grant from the Schindler Elevator Corporation but funded by the Rutgers Chancellor’s Seed grant thereafter.

By the summer of 2017, the number of students’ applications accepted doubled and 100 percent of the student accepted, successfully completed the program, earning 3 college credits at RBS. The demand for this kind of exposure to SCM has grown and attracted students from more than 11 high schools in Newark and 1 in New York in 2017 and that number is expected to be tripled in 2018. It was a very difficult decision to choose from the great talents in New Jersey and New York. So how do you make supply chain management enticing to teenagers, just as the school year gives way to summer?

We try to make it as relevant as possible by bringing real-world references to them from their everyday lives,

-John Impellizzeri, Director of RBS’s Center for Supply Chain Management

Experience includes a tour to corporate industry’s headquarters to visit working facility to exploring how supply chain management is imperative to every business, large and small.

Rutgers SCM professors and guest speakers from Schindler, Pfizer, Panasonic, MLB, Johnson & Johnson, PSE&G and other sponsored companies covered procurement, sustainability, inventory management, logistics and planning and forecasting among other topics each year. These participating companies from the center's advisory board, "represent the 'private' component in the collaboration of the public, private and community sectors”.

As global economies become more connected, supply chain management (SCM) has grown in popularity as a business undergraduate major and an MBA. SCM encompasses every step involved to get products made and into the hands of consumers, from finding quality suppliers of materials to making and moving products to marketing them.

The goal is to acclimate students to College life, while choosing an enjoyable and lucrative career path. Traditionally students only think about business, accounting and finance, now they have Supply Chain to add to the list. There is a huge demand for Supply Chain experts in upcoming Newark and SCM Majors at Rutgers are ripe for these great local opportunities. Another great value is the connections the students make with professors, fellow students and industries partners. These relationships can blossom into future mentorship and revenue streams.

Additional benefits include working with RBS Professor, students are taught about sustainability projects that could help the environment and the local Newark community, while taking into account the general supply chain areas. They craft and present plans for recycling used end-of-year school supplies into new school supplies, turning vacant city lots into community greenhouses, and creating personal sensors that communicate comfort levels with heating and cooling systems. Students project normally turns out quite impressive.

The program is 6 days (8:30 am-3:30 pm) totaling 42 hours and there is an applicant process. The student submits an application, a 500 words minimum essay and a signed copy of their transcript signed by the Schools guidance counselor. The application, essay and transcript must be submitted before the deadline on the application form. After the application deadline, applications with the required documents are reviewed and eligible candidates are selected and notified.

At the end of the program, students who completes the required hours and coursework is awarded a Certificate and is eligible for 3 college credits if they attend RBS in the future. In addition, they will receive a $50.00 Stipend towards Transportation.

High school students working on a project together for the program

HS Summer Program Courses

Below is a snapshot of the course work offered in the program. Classes may shift depending on scheduling factors.

Day 1

Intro to Supply Chain
Professor kicks off the program with an overview of Supply Chain Management. The emphasis of this course is to instill the value that the supply chain has on a company. The students learn an overview of the many business practices used in the industry. Professors presents how procurement, sales and operations planning, distribution, and demand management are linked to improve efficiency. Followed by a team Exercise and Guest Speaker from industry sponsor.
Global Procurement and Sourcing Strategies
Topics includes; what is procurement? and the importance of strategic sourcing. The students learn different characteristics (cost, quality, lead-time, location) to consider when choosing a supplier. Techniques are shared for choosing a supplier in various industries. Followed by a team Exercise and Guest Speaker from industry sponsor.

Day 2

Business Logistics and Transportation
Professor introduces the students to the basis of logistics and transportation. He/she helps the students understand the linkage between inventory and transportation. They briefly cover management of inventory, evaluation of transportation alternatives, information flows, facility location, outsourcing, and the rapidly expanding field of logistics information technology. Followed by a team Exercise and Guest Speaker from industry sponsor.
Demand Planning and Fulfillment
Professor present the first heavily quantitative lecture. Students learns planning strategies and tools that are commonly used in business practices. The major topics includes demand forecasting, sales and operations planning (S&OP), inventory management, material requirement planning (MRP), and revenue management and pricing strategies. Followed by a team Exercise and Guest Speaker from industry sponsor.

Day 3

Industry Speaker and Day Trip to Relevant Industry

Day 4

Supplier Environmental Management and Sustainability

Professor lecture emphasizes on global experiences and examples that show how comprehensive organizational environmental sustainability and archaeological criteria integrated into the supply chain management/procurement process and decision making of public and private agencies, organizations, and corporate entities can improve financial and environmental performance, while addressing ethics, social regeneration, resource/waste impacts, and economic development concerns.

Mandela Washington Fellow: “Since 2014, 500 fellows from sub-Saharan Africa who want to serve the public through NGOs or community-based organizations have participated in the fellowship at one of only 20 American universities selected by the U.S. Department of State. Rutgers has been chosen for each of the three years of the program to host 25 fellows for a six-week civic leadership institute, which provides proven methods in civic engagement, business and entrepreneurship, and public administration that they may apply to projects at home.”

Team Exercise: The student's paired with the Fellows to present the supply chain for a product, of their choosing, from raw materials to end customer. Once they’ve decided on a project and mapped out the supply chain, they would find opportunities for sustainability through their suppliers.

Day 5

IT Systems and SAP
Professor teaches the students the foundation for understanding the process integration of business-wide functions supported by ERP systems; examines the benefits of implementing ERP; investigates the guidelines for ERP system implementation and application; offers hands-on practice in SAP ECC to illustrate the basic concepts, capabilities and advantages of ERP. Followed by a team Exercise and Guest Speaker from industry sponsor.

Day 6

Rutgers Business School Tour lecture and Graduation
The students were given a presentation on everything they would need to know to be admitted into Rutgers Business School, a career management specialist, presented valuable career management techniques (resume, networking, elevator pitch). Prior to lunch, the students were also given a tour by the Assistant Dean of Enrollment, of Rutgers Business School.

Previous Year SCM High School Program


If you have any questions about this program, please contact Ingrid Belle at or 973-353-1218.