One of RUTAPs missions is to help non-profits create jobs in the inner city. The Internet has created unheard of opportunities for business and job creation. Our goal is to work with New Jersey non-profits to develop internet-based businesses. E-secretary.com is the first of those businesses.

  • typing
  • dictation/transcription
  • data entry
  • faxing services
  • duplication services

Major companies are outsourcing many non-core business activities like housecleaning, delivery services, and photocopying. Some aspects of the secretarial function such as typing can be classified as a non-core business activity and therefore can be out-sourced. E-secretary.com’s business model is to help companies do just that. The way it works is as follows: Executives call our 800 telephone number and are connected to a sophisticated dictation system. They dictate their letter and they are done. We type it, proofread it, and send it back to them via e-mail (on their letterhead). What could be easier? This idea has a number of advantages. Companies do not need to hire additional secretaries, they can use us during their peak seasons, and executives can use us while they are on the road. We are their 24 hour secretary.



RUTAP created the business plan for e-secretary.com. The RUTAP business plan included an initial marketing survey, implementation study, cost analysis, and final written proposal. That business plan is being submitted to a major New Jersey non-profit for their review. If they decide to develop the business, RUTAP will support the effort.



e-secretary.com plans to take advantage of a company's need for a secretary or typist, while catering to a company's desire to outsource non-core functions to reduce expenditures on temporary employees. e-secretary.com will act as a company's secretary, performing many of the secretaries' clerical functions.

The business plan calls for a phased implementation of services. The first phase will include typing, dictation/transcription, data entry, faxing and duplication services. These services will be offered to all clients, but initial marketing efforts will be targeted to existing RUTAP contacts. e-secretary.com plans to start the business with three 'beta' clients who will work with the company to refine the business process. These 'beta' clients will be offered positions on the board of directors and will have a hand in shaping the business.

Market analysis indicates that the primary marketing focus should be towards large businesses and both the legal and medical communities. These businesses offer the greatest opportunity for volume workloads and repeat business. The Market Plan and Market Analysis sections of the business plans further detail this information.



Currently available technologies include the use of digital Dictaphone equipment and voice recognition software. Other currently available technologies that will be used include the Internet, office automation applications such as MS Office, and graphical software such as those produced by Adobe and Corel.

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