Urban Revitalization


Kearny, NJ is a small community just minutes from Newark, New Jersey. Kearny has been reborn from an old manufacturing urban town to an affordable middle class Newark suburb. An easy commute to Newark or New York City makes Kearny a favorite place to live.

As an older town, Kearny has had to change with the times. The days of a central business area has been replaced with large scale malls and strip shopping centers.



To provide technical assistance to the Kearny business people as part of an Urban Revitalization Project.



RUTAP embarked on a mission to help Kearny's central area business people by accomplishing the following:

  1. Produce a survey targeted at customers and owners of Kearny businesses
  2. Interview selected Central Area Business Owners
  3. Interpret Survey Results
  4. Formulate an Action Plan to help the Central Area Business Owners grow their businesses.

RUTAP's Urban Revitalization Project helped improve communication between Kearny's Central Area business owners.

RUTAP discovered that Kearny needed an Urban Enterprise Program.



RUTAP organized a letter based marketing program and provided technical assistance to the local Elizabeth urban enterprize zone administrator. In the time span of five months, those 250 companies were made aware of the Urban Enterprise program and were encouraged to join. The companies received accurate technical advice from RUTAP, smoothing the process.

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