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Rutgers Day is April 30th
A full day of discovery awaits visitors at the Busch, College Avenue, and Cook/Douglass campuses at this year’s Rutgers Day.
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2011 Commencement
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RBS working with Bloomberg to Develop New Financial Assessment Test
Bloomberg has chosen Rutgers Business School as one of its 12 founding partner universities as they rollout the test on a global scale.  Twenty Rutgers students scored in the top quartile in the world the BAT trial in the fall.

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Top news stories:

1. RBS runner-up in CFA Institute's Global Investment Research Challenge, over 500 schools from around the world competed

2. Rutgers EMBA ranked #3 in Economics, #7 in Corporate Strategy by Financial Times

3. Rutgers Business School runner up in Supply Chain Case Competition

4. Glenn Shafer Appointed Interim Dean of Rutgers Business School

5. Pharma MBA students win prestigious biotech & healthcare case competition


RBS runner-up in CFA Institute's Global Investment Research Challenge
More than 500 schools competed

By competing with universities from Italy, Thailand and California in the global finals of the CFA Institute's Global Investment Challenge, Rutgers Business School (RBS) symbolized the Rutgers mantra "Jersey Roots, Global Reach." The RBS team consisting of a mix of undergrad and MBA students from Newark and New Brunswick was runner-up along with the Thai team from Thammasat University and the University of Southern California to the winning Italian team from Politecnico di Milano.

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Meeting Warren Buffett
The Rutgers Business School team with Warren Buffett, after the finals in Omaha, NE.

“Getting to personally meet Warren Buffett and visit his office at Berkshire Hathaway was beyond incredible,” said team member Anil Bhatia (MBA 2012, Newark).

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Reverse Logistics at Rutgers

Completing Rutgers International Executive MBA degree tougher than surviving gun battles, floods and below zero temperatures

Faculty Insight: A Memo to the Absent Democrats: What Comes Next?

Highlights of Recent Media Coverage
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It Is Hard but Important to Get Regulation Right
The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY) - April 21, 2011
Asking the banks to monitor the creditworthiness of its counterparties in a derivatives transaction is another foolhardy exercise, especially when it isn't in their self-interest to do so. The loss of trust in our financial institutions is so great that until that trust is recovered, any and all protection against adverse price changes, namely hedging, ought to be paid for up front through the posting of margins.

No Excuses: Galvanizing Black Innovation and Capital
Huffington Post (Newark, NJ) - April 20, 2011
I commend Rutgers Business School's Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development in producing the first-ever Black Angels and Entrepreneurs Forum in partnership with the Black Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative. This is an opportunity for Black Americans to engage in a collaborative effort to change the economic paradigm.

Students start online greek apparel company
The Daily Targum (New Brunswick, NJ) - April 13, 2011
With the continuing concern of unemployment rates in the country, some students were inspired to find alternative ways to earn a living after college. School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Anik Chadha and Rutgers Business School first-year student Bill Hendrickson said they decided to take the entrepreneurial route. Chadha and Hendrickson launched, a website specializing in greek apparel to students at the University, in February even though plans for it began last semester.

MWW Group adds three to Dialogue Digital
PR USA (New York, NY) - April 12, 2011
Alumnus Ben Aronson (MBA), Digital Strategist, will help create innovative and groundbreaking strategies to help brands engage with their markets through digital and social media outlets. Prior to joining MWW, Aronson spent four years running his own digital media agency, Tao Experience. As seen on Fox and CNN, Aronson has also produced a variety of original content, from feature length films to online television series, and garnered national acclaim for creating Break'N Through, a young, edgy online reality competition series to uncover the top unsigned original music talent.

Revolutions Medical Hires New Chief Operating Officer
Market Watch (Charleston, SC) - April 11, 2011
Revolutions Medical Corporation ("Revolutions Medical" or the "Company") (OTCQB:RMCP) announces today the hiring of Alumnus Vincent Olmo (MBA), as the Company's new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Olmo combines over five years of experience in information technology and operations senior management, following an eighteen year career as a delivery manager and application architect. Previously, he was involved with several large financial institutions holding various positions, including chief architect and application delivery executive.

U. team snags second place at global contest
The Daily Targum (New Brunswick, NJ) - April 10, 2011
By competing with universities from Italy, Thailand and California in the global finals of the CFA Institute's Global Investment Challenge, Rutgers Business School (RBS) symbolized the Rutgers mantra "Jersey Roots, Global Reach." The RBS team consisting of a mix of undergrad and MBA students from Newark and New Brunswick was runner-up along with the Thai team from Thammasat University and the University of Southern California to the winning Italian team from Politecnico di Milano.

Lack of parking spaces inspires 'greener' travel
The Daily Targum (New Brunswick, NJ) - April 7, 2011
With Earth Day approaching on April 22, the University found a way to make transportation greener. The Commuter Transit and Parking Services for Rutgers-Newark hosted its "Second Annual Cherry Blossom Bike Ride" through Branch Brook Park on Wednesday to encourage "green" commuting, said Brad Armstrong, parking office supervisor.

Firms like Atmos Energy that benefit from breaks may not go for tax reform
American Chronicle (Washington, D.C.) - April 7, 2011
ritics of corporate tax breaks and some economists say bonus depreciation rewards companies for making investments they would make anyway. Atmos, for example, must invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year to maintain its network of pipelines and other natural-gas assets. Those costs are recovered from utility customers through the rates set by regulators."Most of these utilities are under that obligation to serve, so they have to make the investment to provide the service. In that sense, they are going to make the investment anyway," said Robert Patrick, an economist and professor at Rutgers Business School. Patrick has published widely on regulated energy markets.

TEDx Brings Ideas to Life
Rutgers News (New Brunswick, NJ) - April 6, 2011
TED is a nonprofit global network that brings together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED). Established in 1984, its purpose is to disseminate “ideas worth spreading” through conferences, video, online media, local events, and other initiatives. Taha Najmuddin, the founding moderator of the official TED fan page on Facebook, brought an independent, miniature version of the conference (TEDx) to Rutgers last year with the help of the Rutgers International Student Association (ISA).  Najmuddin, who graduated in 2010 from the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick, now works as a business analyst at FAST, a financial services technology company.

MBA Promotes Jim Gross to VP of Financial Accounting and Public Policy
National Mortgage Professional Magazine - April 5, 2011
The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has announced the promotion of Jim Gross to the position of vice president of financial accounting and public policy. Gross joined MBA in 2008 from NetBank Inc., where he was chief financial officer. He has 10 years of "Big Four" accounting experience including functioning as a mortgage banking specialist for Deloitte. His background also includes prior chief financial officer positions at New America Mortgage, IndyMac, and J.I. Kislak Mortgage. Gross is a Certified Public Accountant and received his MBA from Rutgers University.

A Commute Too Far
The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY) - April 3, 2011
"Learn to schedule your time more efficiently since long commutes will limit when you can run errands," says extreme commuter Susan Feinberg, an associate professor at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick, N.J. She lives 200 miles away in Washington and takes a train back and forth a couple of days each week.

Business school recognizes student leaders
The Daily Targum (New Brunswick, NJ) - April 1, 2011
The annual Rutgers Business School honored 120 of its students Wednesday at the Rutgers Business School Leadership Summit, organized by the Rutgers Business Governing Association (RBGA). The award ceremony, held at the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus, recognized the new executive boards of 11 student organizations as part of its transition to the next academic year.

Markets wrap disaster-prone quarter on calmer note MarketWatch - (San Francisco, CA) - March 31, 2011
For investments such as gold, gains from a parade of global events started to peter out at the end. Bonds lost ground, sending yields higher. And a glum outlook for the dollar started to brighten."We all have problems, but [the problems facing Europe and Japan] are worse at the moment," said John Longo, professor of finance at Rutgers Business School in Newark. He said he expects the greenback to show modest strength versus the euro and yen this year.

Retailers looking to sell, buy back, resell gadgets
The Bulletin (Baltimore, MD) - March 28, 2011 - March 27, 2011
You know that shiny smartphone you bought six months ago? There is an even better one hitting the market right about now. Or how about that flat-panel TV you bought last year? Now they come in 3-D.With the ever-quickening pace of technological advances, you can be left in the digital dust. Dale Rogers, a logistics and supply expert and Rutgers University professor, estimates the secondary market for consumer electronics is worth about $13 billion in annual sales - or about 10 percent of the total consumer electronics market in the U.S.

Tenafly accountant faces lawsuit in art fraud scandal
Poten & Partners (Tenafly, NJ) - March 27, 2011
Tenafly accounting firm is the latest target in a legal war sparked by the collapse of the New York art gallery owned by swindler Lawrence Salander, who is serving jail time for defrauding art investors of $120 million. "Failure to detect fraud is a pretty common catalyst that leads to accountant malpractice suits," said Jay Soled, an accounting professor at Rutgers Business School, who reviewed the suit. "In this particular case, there is a notion that goes far deeper. What's alleged is that they seem to be almost pseudo employees. If they knew they [the reports] were going to be distributed outside, that someone else was going to make an investment based on them, then they can be held accountable," he said.

Site helps tipsters report tax cheats (Asbury Park, NJ) - March 26, 2011
"It's very hard for the IRS to find tax evaders," said Jay Soled, an accounting professor at the Rutgers University School of Business in Newark and New Brunswick. "Tax returns rarely speak. It's not hard to get things under the radar screen. "It's very hard for the IRS to find tax evaders," said Jay Soled, an accounting professor at the Rutgers University School of Business in Newark and New Brunswick. "Tax returns rarely speak. It's not hard to get things under the radar screen

Bigger bonuses for whistle-blowers: Are they ethical? - March 24, 2011
"There may be some companies that would be perfectly well served if employees would come to them first," says Ann Buchholtz, research director at the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School in Newark, N.J. "But there are other companies where [such a requirement] really does put the whistle-blower at risk ... And if we really want these problems brought to light, we can't put obstacles in the way of whistle-blowers."

What Great Projects Have in Common
MIT Sloan Management Review - March 23, 2011
From time to time we witness a project that stands out - surpassing expectations, creating exceptional value for the sponsoring company and for customers and eventually having an impact on its entire industry. We call such projects "great projects." Consider the introduction of IBM's AS/400 in the 1980s. In 1986, IBM's market share in the growing, important mid-range computer business had shrunk to a single digit. However, 28 months later, a relatively small development lab in Rochester, Minnesota, was the talk of IBM.

Amway keen for research collaborations
Express Pharma - March 21, 2011
Amway Corporation, one of the leading direct selling FMCG companies in the world, is seeking research collaborations in the areas of diabetes, women's health related problems, weight management, immunity and chronic diseases. The company has more than 100 collaborations with schools like Rutgers Business School.

What's next for commodities with Japan in crisis
MarketWatch (San Francisco, CA) - March 18, 2011
The UxC daily uranium broker average price, the average midpoint of the three main uranium brokerages, was at $49.25 on March 16, down from $55 a day earlier, data from nuclear-fuel consultancy Ux Consulting Co. show. See the UxC weekly spot uranium prices. Uranium prices are expected to plunge by 26% over the coming months, said John Longo, professor of finance at Rutgers Business School in Newark. "Needless to say, uranium producers will feel the burn."

For Bangladeshi Garment Workers, It Is Still 1911
The Jewish Daily: Forward - March 16, 2011
"There are a lot of parallels with the garment industry in Bangladesh," said Kevin Kolben, an assistant professor at Rutgers University, who specializes in international labor law. "You have bosses treating their workers in pretty oppressive ways that are similar to back then. In many factories, people are working in the top floors of tenements with gated windows, no air conditioning, no ventilation, for most of the day and for very little pay."

Go-go gadget buy back
The Baltimore Sun - March 13, 2011
Dale S. Rogers, a logistics and supply chain expert and professor at Rutgers University, estimates that the secondary market for consumer electronics is worth about $13 billion in annual sales - or about 10 percent of the total consumer electronics market in the United States.

Big question: In honor-code case, did BYU choose the right?
The Salt Lake Tribune - March 5, 2011
"I give the school credit," said Donald McCabe, a business professor and expert in academic integrity at Rutgers University. "They laid out their rules, they were violated and they stuck to their guns. The student was forewarned and he knew what the penalty would be, and he took his chances."

Students Struggle for Words
The Wall Street Journal - March 3, 2011
M.B.A. students often have to unlearn bad behavior, such as using complicated words over simple ones, says Carter Daniel, business communication programs director at Rutgers Business School. Students might use the word "edifice" instead of "building," for example.

Tax Planning Advice: Accelerating Expenses - Alumnus Bernard Kiely
AdvisorOne - March 2, 2011
Today's tip comes from Bernard Kiely of Kiely Capital Management in Morristown, N.J. He is a CFP and CPA and has been a fee-only financial planner and provider of income tax services for individuals for more than 25 years. He has been named a "Best Financial Advisor" by Worth magazine multiple times, regularly serves as a source for AdvisorOne reports, like in this article on the implications of healthcare reform last year (and profiled in Investment Advisor) and has twice been named by Accounting Today magazine as one of the CPAs to know in financial planning. He also holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

Breaking it down
China Economic Review - March 2, 2011
Farok Contractor is a Management and Global Business professor at Rutgers Business School, based in New Jersey, US. He teaches an international business course in Beijing and Shanghai as part of the school's International Executive MBA program. Here he is interviewed by the China Economic Review.

Performing arts, arts leadership and future scenarios: an interview with James Abruzzo
Tafter - February 28, 2011
James Abruzzo is an expert on the performing arts sector and president of Abruzzo Associates. He is the co-director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School and is writing a book, Arts Leadership, which will be published in 2012.

Asian businessmen stress education, fiscal conservatism - February 27, 2011
dt ogilvie, a professor of business strategy at Rutgers Business School-Newark and director for The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, said the Asian community's entrepreneurship drive comes from establishing a financial foundation on which to build.

iGoogle 2 cheat: Technology and its use as 'new' means of cheating - February 24, 2011
According to the Educational Testing Services website, 35 percent of college officials feel that cheating is a problem. Approximately 41 percent of the general public said cheating is getting worse. Donald McCabe, a professor at Rutgers University, is a leading expert in academic integrity. In May 2001, McCabe and three other professors published a study, "Cheating in Academic Institutions: A Decade of Research."

Special Report: Is Stevie Cohen the Feds' Moby Dick? - February 23, 2011
"There is a certain frustration that the general public and the government have with successful hedge funds and the government wants to make sure the playing field is level," said John Longo, a professor of finance at Rutgers University and a senior vice president with MDE Group, an investment firm that invests with hedge funds.

Aurigen Capital Limited Appoints Michael Pado as President and Chief Executive Officer of Its U.S. Operations
Financial Tech Spotlight - February 18, 2011
Mr. Pado brings to Aurigen his extensive knowledge of the U.S. life reinsurance market with over 30 years of industry experience, including over 25 years working in leadership positions of U.S. life reinsurance companies. Mr. Pado joins Aurigen from SCOR Group where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of its U.S. life reinsurance operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and earned an MBA from Rutgers University.

Urging CFOs to take active role in negotiating with health insurers
NJ Biz - The Daily - February 17, 2011
The rising cost of health care far outpaces inflation, and last year's federal health care reform law is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court — but there are steps employers can take to clamp down on runaway health care spending. That was the message Thursday morning to the CFO Alliance of New Jersey from Arthur Guarino, who teaches finance at Rutgers University's Newark business school.

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