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After a lively panel discussion with some of the leading "quants" in the finance industry at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), students had a chance to network with Rutgers alumni and other finance professionals on the famed NYSE trading floor during the Second Annual Quant Summit hosted by Rutgers Business School's Master of Quantitative Finance (MQF) program.

Alanza Burke, a MQF student, said the Quant Summit provided an opportunity to connect to the real world. "When you are an academic, you don't necessarily know what you want to do until you talk to someone and get a better perspective," Burke said. "These types of events are good in facilitating that."

Rutgers MQF alum David Thielke, who now works for Nomura Securities, said the networking portion of the event was "a way for people to meet potential recruiters" and a great way to "connect."

Anthony Maylath, president of the Rutgers MQF Class of 2014, organized the summit with the help of MQF alum John Iborg, the former class president who introduced the first Quant Summit last year at the NASDAQ in Times Square. The event was featured in Forbes.

"We chose the New York Stock Exchange because it is among the most prestigious financial landmarks in the world," Maylath said.

Iborg said as he and Maylath discussed how they could improve last year's event and "take it to the next level," they decided on the NYSE as the most fitting venue.

"The Summit has left a legacy in the financial engineering community as an event where professionals and students can come to learn, network, and advance their career," Maylath said. "[It] is a testimony to the prestige of the Rutgers MQF program and the quality of its students."

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