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The women's basketball team was more than an hour into a practice session on a recent Sunday afternoon when hundreds of students from Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick started filling a section of the bleachers inside the Rutgers Athletic Center.

In lieu of a regular class, nearly 700 students from 16 sections of "management skills" were required to show up to see Hall of Fame women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer and her players put a real-world spin on classroom lessons about communication, team dynamics and motivating others.

On the court, the first demonstration was already underway: Coach Stringer shouted instructions and encouragement while players passed the ball, signaled to one another and made shots at the basket.

For the crowd filing into the stands, the practice was a prelude to a series of talks by people associated with the basektball team, from Rutgers University's Director of Athletics Julie Hermann and assistant women's basketball coach Tia Jackson to the players, themselves, who shared candid insights on being part of team.

Rutgers Business School professor Phyllis Siegel, who is in the Department of Management and Global Business, said she chose Stringer and the women's basketball team for the event because of their long history of success.

"Sports is often used as a way of exploring management and team dynamics,'' Siegel said. "Coach Stringer is so highly acclaimed, I just thought she and the team would be great at sharing their insights and experiences at building and sustaining a winning team."

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Virtual tours offer a look inside Rutgers Business School's two buildings

Rutgers Business School offers its classes and programs from impressive buildings on two campuses. In a pair of videos, student guides offer viewers a virtual tour through the buildings.

One Washington Park in Newark is distinguished by a tall glass pavilion and a Times Square-like, stock exchange news ticker scrolling across its exterior. The school dominates the north end of Washington Park near the Newark Public Library and the Newark Museum. Rutgers Business School is one of the anchor institutions within the city's historic and redeveloping Downtown Arts District.

Student Urvi Tiwari points out some of the building's special features in the video tour.

On the Livingston Campus, near the heart of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Rutgers Business School has a second building at 100 Rockafeller Road.

After its opening in 2013, the building was quickly nicknamed "100 Rock." Its dramatic design was intended to form a new gateway to the Livingston Campus, which has undergone a transformation in recent years, with new residence halls, a movie theater and restaurants.

Follow student Joe Fontana on a virtual tour through the innovative spaces and high-tech rooms that make up 100 Rock.

100 Rock

One Washington Park

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