Student Testimonials

Nazariy Bobelyak, Finance/Accounting, Class of 2016

I had a wonderful experience last week with my mentor as I visited him at his Goldman Sachs office in Jersey City.  He showed me around the place and explained his career in the operations division of the company.  I think that this meeting allowed me to choose a more concrete type of career that I will ultimately want to pursue after graduation.  My mentor is great and I am thankful for this opportunity.

Moreover, some students have asked me whether or not the TeamUP program is good to try and I have told them all that it is one of the best opportunities and experiences at Rutgers.

JinLian Meric, Marketing, Class of 2015
I am really enjoying my experience in the TeamUP mentorship program. My mentor is great. Through discussions with her I have a better understanding of the marketing industry and realized that I wanted to be more on the agency side rather than company. This was a very valuable and important realization for me. With this she said she would help me find informational interviews to develop a better understanding of the agency world and what they do on a daily basis. We will then look to develop my networking and interview skills to better prepare me when internship opportunities come up. Thanks for creating this program. I constantly talk to my friends about it and how they should join. Thanks to this I already feel better prepared for what comes next and more confident about it.
Mannu Kumar, Accounting/Finance, Ascend President, Class of 2014

I personally took part in the TeamUP Program last spring, and I found it to be extremely beneficial. My mentor was phenomenal in that he was able to assist me with my resume, interview skills, soft skills, and professionalism.

I highly recommend that any students that believe that they may require guidance apply for the program.

Kelly Murphy, Accounting, Class of 2015

My experience with TeamUp has been great! I met with my mentor earlier this semester at EisnerAmper which was awesome. She's been a great help with applying for internships and preparing for interviews. We plan to meet again this month and she is going to show me what she does on a daily basis.

This program is great for people like me who do not have any family in large prestigious companies. I'm very happy to have someone to answer the questions that my parents cannot. I've also been bragging about this program in my recent interviews and how great it is.

Mark Styzk, Supply Chain Management, Class of 2014

This program means a lot to me as a returning student. I did some community college on and off but wasn't serious about it. Up until now, I have been out of school for 6 years and it took a spell of unemployment for me to realize the importance of having a degree.

However, I knew that I was lacking in terms of professionalism and that a degree would only give me an education. The experience in my old jobs left me at a level just above high school mentality and coming back to school gave me some of that professionalism that I needed. But the best insights into the corporate world came from my mentor.

I am grateful that I was in this program and I feel like it helped change me for the better. I cannot wait to restart my career and with the tools that I have picked up from this program, I feel that I am able to take on the professional world.