Curriculum for Marketing Major

Marketing is a broad area with many career opportunities. This concentration helps students to develop skills that enable them to function in many different marketing roles while working closely and effectively with other business functions.  This program provides high quality education for marketing major at an affordable expense and allows students to access the exciting job market in the NY, NJ and CT tri-state area.



School Core Courses

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Required Courses
(9 credits)

Course # Title Credits
33:630:374 Consumer Behavior 3
33:630:385 Marketing Research 3
33:630:452 Marketing Strategy 3


(12 credits)

Course # Title Credits
33:630:482 Advertising Strategy 3
33:630:370 Business-to-Business Marketing 3
33:630:487 Independent Study in Marketing 3
33:630:371 International Marketing 3
33:630:363 Introduction to Advertising 3
33:630:428 Marketing and Society 3
33:630:497 Marketing Consulting for Small Business 3
33:630:490 Marketing Internship BA
33:630:369 New Product Planning 3
33:630:368 Retail Marketing 3
33:630:401 Sales Management 3
33:630:372 Services Marketing 3
33:630:xxx Special Topic: Brand Management 3
33:630:xxx Special Topic: Digital Marketing 3
33:630:xxx Special Topic: Pricing 3
33:630:480 Special Topic: Social Media & Mobile Marketing * 3
  • Please note: Special Topic: Social Media & Mobile Marketing is only being offered in New Brunswick at this time.