Working Paper Series

The following papers have received support from the Whitcomb Center and have been accepted for presentation at a major conference.


WCRFS: 09-01
The Role of Accruals in Predicting Future Cash Flows and Stock Returns
Authors: Francois Brochet, Harvard University, Seungham Nam, Rutgers University, Joshua Ronen, New York University

WCRFS: 09-02
Insider Trading and Conflicts of Interest: Evidence from Corporate Bonds
Authors: Simi Kedia, Rutgers University and Xing Zhou, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-03
Guidance, Guidance and Guidance -- The Discontinuing and Restarting Phenomenon of Quarterly Earnings Guidance
Author: Naqiong (Amy) Tong, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-04
Do Foreign Investors Exhibit A Governance Disadvantage? An Information Asymmetry Perspective
Authors: Jun-Koo Kang, Nanyang Technological University and Jin Mo Kim, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-05
Risk-Adjusted Stock Information from Option Prices
Authors: Ren-Raw Chen, Fordham University, Dongcheol Kim, Korea University and Durga Panda, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-06
Management Earnings Forecasts and Simultaneous Release of Earnings News
Author: Yoel Beniluz, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-07
Impact of Offshoring and Outsourcing of Core Activities on Performance: An Examination of Clinical Trials
Authors: Pooja Thakur, Rutgers University and Farok Contractor, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-08
The Information Content of Option-Implied Volatility for Credit Default Swap Valuation
Authors: Charles Cao, Pennsylvania State University, Fan Yu, Claremont McKenna College and Zhaodong Zhong, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-09
Investing in Chapter 11 Stocks: Liquidity and Performance
Authors: Lily Li, New York University and Ken Zhong, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-10
Too Much Pay-Performance Sensitivity?
Authors: Ivan E. Brick, Rutgers University, Oded Palmon, Rutgers University and John Wald, University of Texas at San Antonio

WCRFS: 09-11
Value Relevance of Capital Expenditures and Business Cycle
Authors: Charles Chen, City University of Hong Kong, Sungsoo Kim, Rutgers University and Byunghwan Lee, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

WCRFS: 09-12
Dividend Paying Firm and Flexibility Hypothesis
Authors: Joseph Kerstein, Baruch College-CUNY, Sungsoo Kim, Rutgers University and Joseph Onochie, Baruch College-CUNY

WCRFS: 09-13
The Role of Analysts' Earning Forecasts in the Valuation Process: An Introductory Overview
Authors: Morris G. Danielson, Saint Joseph's University, Thomas Dowdell, North Dakota State University and Michael P. Schoderbeck, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-14
Firm Size, Profitability Effect and Optimal Contract of Executive Compensation
Author: Gang Nathan Dong, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-15
Accruals as a Determinant of Debt Covenant Tightness
Author: Troy D. Janes, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-16
The Economic Cost of Myopic Going Concern Practice
Authors: Ren-Raw Chen, Rutgers University, Hsuan-Chu Lin, National Cheng Kung University and Michael S. Long, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 09-17
Evidence of Excess Market Frictions for Small Public Firms
Authors: Anthony J. Anderson, Rutgers University and Michael S. Long, Rutgers University



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