Customized Ethical Leadership Education Programs

Program Objective

The goal of the Customized Ethical Leadership Training Program is to give participants an opportunity to learn and apply ethical leadership principles. The programs are customized, applying specific examples (from your work place) and are used to help participants apply what they learn to ethical dilemmas they face on a daily basis.


Our education programs are for Business, Nonprofit and Government sectors, and are highly customized with applicable case studies related to the specific audience organization and industry.  All program materials and case studies are provided to each participant.  Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership staff works closely with managers and executives to focus on real organizational challenges and facilitate the discussion of ethical behavior as relevant and applicable to day to day operations and challenges.

About the Program

Immediate Application  

The programs will benefit organizations as they focus on ethical leadership in day to day operations and challenges. Participants are able to directly relate to the theory, content and material, allowing them to immediately apply their learning to their current work place.


Programs may consist of the following topics, among others:

  • Why Focus on Ethical Leadership?
  • What Influences a person’s decision to report an ethical dilemma?
  • Giving Voice to Values: How to use personal values to create positive behavior.
  • Review of a Decision Making Model developed by the Institute.
  • How to apply the Decision Making Model within your organization.

Time Commitment

Ideally training will be delivered in a full day, in-person session, and a half-day follow-up session (3 to 4 weeks after the program). The delivery methodology, including shorter or longer programs can also be customized.


The programs that we offer are priced on a per-participant pricing structure or a team rate.  We will also take into consideration whether the program is full or half day. The amount of money saved by avoiding an ethical breach = priceless.


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