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Center for Women in Business

December 2020

The Election, the Economy, and the Harris Effect on Women in Business

While 2020 was a year like no other, we look towards 2021 with hope. The election is over, a vaccine looks promising and for the first time in US history, a woman is about to be inaugurated as Vice President. However, there is still progress to be made. Join us for a fireside chat with Goldman Sachs Managing Director Candice Tse and Executive Director of the RBS Center for Women in Business Lisa Kaplowitz as we discuss how the implications of the future political and economic environments can create financial progress and increase personal wealth for women. Do not miss the opportunity to change the narrative for women moving forward.

November 2020

A Journey through Space, Business, and Beyond - Leading with Passion and Purpose

The Rutgers Business School Signature Leadership Series presents a virtual discussion with Anousheh Ansari, first female private astronaut, CEO of XPrize Foundation, and executive chairwoman and co-founder of Prodea Systems. The discussion is moderated by Lisa Kaplowitz, director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business. Learn about Ansari’s journey to space, her experience starting her own businesses, and her passion for private enterprises working with governments to lead space exploration.

October 2020

Positioning Yourself For Performance Reviews & Promotions Virtually

Performance Review Season will soon be upon us: a time for critique, annual reviews, bonuses, and promotions. While this season is tough and trying for all, it is especially difficult for women and people of color due to bias and judgement errors. With COVID-19 making everything virtual, these biases can further be exasperated. The Office of Career Management, The Center for Women in Business, and our expert panel Katie Stratton (Facebook), Francine Parham (Francine Parham & Co.), and Melinda Lawson (RBS) speak about how to remain confident and collected during review season, and make sure that your worth is communicated effectively.

September 2020

Staying in the Game: How Companies Can Support Women & Parents During Covid-19 & the Childcare Crisis

Summer is over and most children are not physically back in school. Working families (especially mothers) are struggling to manage it all – work, childcare, housework, COVID-19, racial injustice and overall life in 2020. While the daily struggle is real, we believe, based on research we conducted in May 2020, that the US will emerge from the global health pandemic with less distinct gender norms and increased workplace flexibility, which combined will neutralize the stigma of the mommy track and increase the retention and promotion of women in business.

August 2020

5 More Reasons Cash is "Queen"


Cash is QUEEN! And there are times when it matters more than profits. Lisa Kaplowitz, assistant professor in the finance and economics dept at the Rutgers Business School, talks to us about the cash flow statement, working capital and the minimum cash you need to run your business.

June 2020

Staying Resilient, Everyday

One of the keys to success in life and business is learning to remain resilient despite the most challenging times. Professional women can find their resilience tested daily through demands from work, family, aging parents, and other sources. Global and national events such as those we have experienced in  2020 can further test one's resilience. Join this diverse panel in discussing how to stay resilient, no matter the circumstance.

Finding our Moral Courage to Ensure All Have Access to Equal Opportunities

Please join us for an important and timely Fireside Chat with Carolynn Johnson, CEO of DiversityInc and Board Member of the RBS Center for Women in Business, and Lisa Kaplowitz, Assistant Professor and Director of the RBS Center for Women in Business. We discuss the impact and implications of systemic racial injustice in the 21st century. Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to ensure everyone has access to basic human rights, which will create more inclusive and productive workplaces. The time has come to break the silence and educate ourselves on how to be better allies.

May 2020

Advancing Women in Business: An Interactive Townhall

Please join the Rutgers Business School Center for Women in Business (CWIB) for an interactive townhall to discuss the impact of COVID-19, returning to work, diversity and inclusion, male allies and much more!

April 2020

Advancing Women in Business: Driving Forward through Challenging Times

The Rutgers Business School Center for Women in Business hosted a virtual event “Advancing Women in Business – Driving Forward through Challenging Times” on April 17, 2020. Professor Kristina Durante presented research showcasing how women can emerge as leaders during times of crisis management. There was also an insightful and fun fireside chat between Lisa Kaplowitz, Rutgers assistant professor of professional practice of finance & economics and founder of the Center for Women in Business, and Michele Meyer-Shipp, Rutgers alumna and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at KPMG.