JD / MBA Curriculum

Joint-degree candidates normally take the required JD curriculum in the first academic year and the full-time MBA core curriculum in the second academic year. (Students may reverse the order.) They take a combination of JD and MBA courses (12 – 16 credits) in each semester of the third and fourth years sufficient to satisfy the requirements of both schools.  Students may apply for part-time matriculation to both schools and complete the JD/MBA Program.


JD First-Year, Full-Time*

The first year of law training is crucial for establishing a solid foundation in both substantive law and legal methodology. It is during this time that law students must learn the conceptual, analytical, and research methods that are essential to participating effectively as lawyers. To facilitate this important training, the first-year, full-time curriculum requires 16 class hours per week in the fall term and 15 or 16 class hours per week in the spring term. Electives are not permitted until the required curriculum is completed.

Title Credits Term
Contract 4 Fall
Criminal Law 3 Fall
Property 4 Fall
Torts 4 Fall
Legal Research & Writing I 1 Fall
Constitutional Law 5 Spring
Civil Procedure 5 Spring
Legal Research & Writing II 2 Spring
Required Elective 3-4 Spring

*Each student is required to elect a 3- or 4-credit course from a list of courses that is published each year with the registration materials. The elective courses must deal with one of the following topics: administration of a complex statute, public law, perspectives on legal process (e.g., legal history, jurisprudence, economic analysis of law), or perspectives on the lawyering process (e.g., legal profession). Some courses are limited to first-year students and others are open to second- and third-year students as well.


Rutgers MBA Curriculum