Powerhouse Lecture Series - Rosa & Barry

Please join our EMBA star professors Rosa Oppenheim and Barry Karafin for a 3-hour lecture. We hope to see you there!

30 Jun
Price: $30.00

1 Washington Park, 2nd Floor, Newark, NJ 07102

Rosa's topic: "Using Statistics to Predict Election Results - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" Our Rosa will discuss (i) Predicting Elections, (ii) Problems with Polling, and (iii) Wrong interpretations of poll results. She will explore the Electoral College and "gerrymandering," and how non-random sampling can skew election results.

Barry's topic: "What's Happening in Strategy?" Barry will explore the fight between brick and mortar firms and Amazon. Interesting and instructive examples will include Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, and Walmart, and in the process, our Barry will talk about Amazon's strategy too.

The event will include breakfast, 1 coffee break and parking.

Please make sure to have your ID to present to security once you arrive.

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This event is $30.00.