Social Innovation Research Seminar Series

The Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation presents a monthly seminar series with leading social innovation scholars.

27 Jan
Price: FREE

1 Washington Park, Newark NJ 07102

Invited speakers will discuss and advance research on corporate social innovation across Rutgers and beyond.

All seminars are scheduled for Mondays, 11:30am – 1pm (subject to change)

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The event on 9/16/2019 will take place at 1 Washington Park in Room 1027.

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Required readings:

  • Jones, T.M., 1995. Instrumental stakeholder theory: A synthesis of ethics and economics. Academy of Management Review, 20(2): 404-437.
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  • M. L. Barnett. 2019. The business case for corporate social responsibility: A critique and an indirect path forward. Business & Society, 58(1): 167-190.

Additional reading:

  • C. J. Fombrun, N. A. Gardberg & M. L. Barnett. 2000. Opportunity platforms and safety nets: Corporate citizenship and reputational risk. Business and Society Review, 105(1): 85-106.
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  • M. L. Barnett. 2014. Why stakeholders ignore firm misconduct: A cognitive view. Journal of Management, 40(3): 676–702.

Additional dates

This event also takes place on:

  • Feb 10th at 11:30am
  • Mar 30th at 11:30am
  • Apr 13th at 11:30am