Complete Content Marketing: The Art and Science of Making Content Matter Curriculum

Content Marketing Strategy and Fundamentals

In this module, Mark Schaefer establishes the business case for content marketing, including content’s role as an “inbound” source of leads, a foundation for influence on the web, and as a key element of modern branding.

Leveraging case study examples from both small and large companies, this module also provides:

  • An actionable sequence of questions that will lead you to an accurate content marketing strategy based on a true view of opportunities for marketing maneuverability
  • A realistic view of what is possible – and when – with regard to measurement

Module 1 concludes with a case study interview featuring Natchi Lazarus, an agency leader, who describes how social media – with human, helpful content at its centerpiece – is growing a non-profit organization in India.

Setting Up a Content-Creating Culture

Led by Chad Pollitt, one of the leading authorities on content strategy and distribution, this module focuses on setting up an organization and plan to cost-effectively deliver a content strategy.

From budgeting and technology considerations to persona development, audience analysis, and insights in content research, this module offers a look at:

  • A unique and proprietary research methodology that will assure that your efforts are aligned with achievable goals
  • The importance of converged media, and the integration of paid, owned and earned channels
  • A deep-dive of distribution and promotion options (including sponsored content, list rental, and paid social media options) to help you get the most from your content investment

Module 2 concludes with a case study interview with Luke Kintigh, founding editor at Intel IQ, as Luke shares his thoughts on effective content distribution and promotion.

Content & The Conversion Path

Taking our program a level deeper, this module focuses on the role of content as a conversion path to sales.

Led by Ian Cleary, one of the foremost authorities and innovators on the topic of the content conversion path, this part of the program highlights a proprietary process called PRISM. PRISM helps you organize your planning and content creation into an actionable conversion path.

In walking you through the PRISM process, Ian will discuss tips and best practices for:

  • Establishing a repeatable process
  • Actively building an engaged audience
  • Leveraging connections and relationships
  • Driving inbound traffic
  • Re-targeting through social media
  • Monetizing your efforts

This module also features a not-to-miss demo on building sales funnels, as well as a video case study with David Blundell, Global Social Media Manager for the British Council.

Content Ignition & The Future of Content

The first three modules of the program provide a comprehensive foundation for content marketing success. In this final module, Mark Schaefer examines industry trends and strategies that will help you “future proof” your marketing efforts.

Key elements of next-level planning include:

  • Repurposing content – leveraging your content investment for enhanced economic gain
  • Unbranded content – a surprising trend providing unusual results for some businesses
  • Data-driven content – a powerful competitive edge for those in a highly-competitive situation
  • Influence marketing – a very powerful resource, especially for start-ups and time-sensitive marketing projects

Mark will also address the changing economics of content marketing, the critical importance of social sharing, new perspectives on audience-building that lead to measurable economic gains, and breakthrough strategies for content ignition.

Bryan Jones, SVP of Marketing for Dell, and one of the world’s pioneers in content marketing and social selling, joins Mark in the video case study for this closing module.

In the concluding segment of the program, Mark speculates on what the future may hold as we enter an era of the immersive web and the “fourth digital epoch.”

Program Overview

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