Mini-MBA: Social Media Marketing Curriculum

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media tactics -- and the platforms on which we execute them -- are a constantly moving target. To properly deliver business objectives, these tactics need to align with a purposeful strategy. In this opening module, you'll discover how best to build a strategy that's focused yet flexible.

Whether your objective is company branding, personal branding, or business development, this module will assist you with providing a context in which to drive your strategy.

Social Listening

How do you keep up with what people are saying about your brand? How do you know if they are positive or negative? Or how the conversation is trending? And how do you pull that off in every country around the world? To answer those questions, and many more, you need a social listening program. You could start with a basic tool, such as Google Alerts, but many businesses find that they need more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why social listening is important
  • Real-world case studies that show social listening in action
  • What social listening tools are available today, and how the tools are evolving

Social Media Platforms

Successful social media marketing requires a deep understanding in how consumers and businesses use each of the major social networks. Each social media platform provides different functionality and limitations, and thus understanding effective tactics to ensure your business maximizes the potential that each holds are essential to help in the effective implementation of your social media marketing strategy.

This course will look at the, as of now, most important social media platforms and will focus on:

  • Deciding which platforms are most important for your business to focus on depending on your target market
  • Understanding the basic functionality, restrictions, as well as recommended tactics for each platform
  • Best practices for maximizing the marketing potential of each platform through examining case studies

Content and Its Power

Content is the engine for social media marketing. In this module, marketing authority Mark Schaefer will you help you learn:

  • Why content marketing does NOT start with content
  • The four types of critical content your business cannot live without
  • How to stand out in a world of overwhelming content density
  • Strategies to make your content move among audiences that matter

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the fastest-growing budget categories right now for a simple reason -- it works. While influencer marketing is not without nuance, and even controversy, it is becoming an essential part of the marketing arsenal. It can be confusing, but instructor Mark Schaefer (who wrote the first book on influencer marketing) will set the record straight!

This session will explore:

  • How to identify who matters most to your business (Understand your influencers based on their reach, resonance, and relevance to your market)
  • Discovering the most relevant influencers for your campaign
  • The inside look at the real, measurable value of influencer marketing
  • Where influencers are talking, what they are saying, how they feel about your topic, who influences them and more
  • How to measure the results of your outreach campaign
  • How to become an industry influencer yourself through attention to personal branding

Social Media Advertising

Successful marketers consider all the ways their brands live socially: through content that is owned, earned, paid, or some hybrid combination of the three.  This module investigates the interrelationship between these media categories and provides participants with deep insight into launching paid advertising campaigns on popular social media platforms.

Through case studies and a lively discussion, participants will:

  • Consider ways brands incorporate paid ads into their social media campaigns
  • Identify the digital advertising formats and platforms most relevant to social media
  • Map the players and processes involved in the digital media buying ecosystem
  • Understand how social media ads are targeted and served to particular audiences
  • Learn how social media advertising is priced and measured
  • Explore the future of social media advertising

Next-Gen Marketing

Marketing is undergoing a thrilling renaissance due to a breathtaking suite of new technologies, touchpoints, and tools. In this module, we’ll discuss an array of strategic and tactical examples across a wealth of emerging technologies.

Divided equally into 4 sections, this session will address strategies, tools, and opportunities across:

  • Mobile’s Anytime-Anywhere Customer Channel—And 3 Key Strategies for utilizing this channel to: create better, faster, friction-free experiences for customers; to wield mobile as a new channel for incentives and information; and to leverage mobile tools as a key way to solve industry and customer problems
  • IoT (Internet of Things) New World of Customer Touchpoints—And A New Marketing Mix where marketers can transform any product, place, or opportune moment into a captivating new way to interact with customers...and to develop new forms of value with the data.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Smarter, Deeper Customer Programs—And 3 Key Marketing Benefits of this powerful field that provides scores of new capabilities to: automate processes, hyper-personalize products and create impactful programs.
  • AR|VR|MR—Examples Across The Rise of Visual Media where Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR)/Holography offer an exciting new frontier for marketers and customers alike.

Power-packed with examples from myriad industries across B2C and B2B, with summaries and exercises for applying the learning in one’s own plans and sectors, this exciting, eye-opening module illuminates what’s next... in Next-Gen Marketing.

Measuring & Tracking Social Media ROI

“How do I measure social media ROI?” is the #1 question people ask to understand how social media builds business, according to Social Media Examiner. But do friends, followers, likes and re-tweets build brands that not only stand out on social media but also generate sales and profitability?

This module identifies the measurements, as well as tracking and analytic tools (many widely available for everyone on “open source” platforms), to prove return on investment of social media for your business. Best practices and case studies across B2B and B2C brands that have integrated social media into their business plan are also shared, as well as exercises to determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are right for your business. You’ll leave with an understanding of the principles plus the work plan to measure and prove ROI of social media for your brand.

Social Integration

Social media marketing doesn’t begin or end on Facebook (or any other social platform for that matter). All digital channels represent an opportunity for your customers to connect, to share, and to tell your brand’s story. Your website, e-mail list, and organic and paid media channels represent additional outlets for customers to influence, shape, and share your brand’s story with their family, friends, fans, and followers.

This module looks at how you can integrate social into your overall digital marketing strategy, as well as how to improve your overall results by building social into your marketing execution.

Program Overview

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