Alumnus Steve Estrellado talks about "Tectonic Shift" in Marketing

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

R. Steve Estrellado (B.S. Marketing, 2000)
Social Media SEO Strategist at Estro Communications

How has marketing changed since you’ve graduated the RBS program?
The fundamentals of Marketing has not changed, rather the method of delivery has.  Organizations still need to identify their target market, satisfy their product or service curiosity and then deliver on that promise. In hopes to create satisfied customers that return to that particular Brand on an ongoing and perpetual basis.

What do you suggest students do if they are interested in shifting to a career in online marketing? How can they start?
Today’s students have an opportunity to capitalize in a new interconnected global economy and not since the days of the Industrial Revolution has opportunity been so prevalent. This tectonic shift in Marketing is due to the proliferation of high speed internet and smart phone technology, invigorating a need for real time information.

Students looking for a career in Marketing and Advertising should be motivated to learn about online marketing outside of their University curriculum.  Online marketing is an open platform of communication where companies and consumers interact directly with each other without the need of an intermediary.  Online marketing consists of Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Rich Media Advertising, E-Commerce and most importantly Social Media. 

To become competitive in today’s job market, students must become autodidactic and read Social Media Blogs such as Mashable and Digiday.  They should read novels from David Meerman Scott and Brian Solis. Lastly, they should implement what they’ve learned onto their own online Brand.

Social media marketing is an emerging field that is constantly changing. How do you suggest marketing students keep up?
Social Media is technology and it is changing at an exponential rate that requires constant learning on everyone’s part not only students.  RBS hones into the fundamentals of Marketing and Advertising. It is up to the individual student to learn what it takes to be relevant and competitive in today’s job market.

Students need to read everything they can on the topic of social media.  Start by googling the search phrase “social media”.   Currently there are over 388,000,000 million search phrases that are relevant to those keywords.   Make it a goal to learn one new thing in online marketing and social media a day.  You would be amazed by how well versed you become in only 3 to 6 months.  

Social Media is not a subject that you learn once and put to the side, rather it is a dynamic subject that requires continuous learning.  I recommend reading social media blogs such as Mashable and Digiday. These two sites aggregate stories from multiple bloggers, writers and authors on the subject. Staying on top of these sites would keep you abreast of current events in online digital marketing.

How can students use social media to help in their job search? What should they know that they might not already know?
Student should apply these 3 Steps to their job search:

Step 1:  Take ownership of your online profile.  Apply what you’ve learned in RBS to yourself.  You are now a Brand.  Ask yourself, “How do I want to be perceived in this online digital world?” 

Step 2:  Become a thought leader.  Showcase your knowledge by creating an ecosystem of intelligence, by demonstrating your critical thinking skills and thought process.  Create an to aggregate your social networks into one central repository.  Making it easy for employers to learn about you and what makes you different from any other applicant.

Step 3: Most importantly, students must be proactive in building their network.  Social media has simplified the outreach process.  Market yourself to family, friends and other people that you might have a connection with.  Use Linkedin to reach out and engage those that would help point you in the direction you want to go.

How has RBS helped you get where you are today? (eg. Did a faculty member strike a chord with you, did you read a case that you found fascinating, or did a classmate shape where you wanted to take your career?)
Rutgers Business School opened my eyes to opportunity. It invigorated my entrepreneurial passion by instilling the holistic fundamentals of business and overall strategies for success.  Without a road map to follow, I turned to my old college textbooks to help build the foundation to our business.   

My advice to any student would be to stay positive, work hard and never stop learning.  What you learn at RBS today will be priceless tomorrow.

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