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Opening Session & Keynotes- 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

The State of the State – Women in Leadership

Speaker(s): Michele Meyer-Shipp

Description: Women have made substantial progress across the nation in both personal and professional arenas. Women make up over half of both the college graduates and the corporate workforce. However, there is still progress that needs to be made relating to women in the C-Suite, women on Boards, and pay equity. Meyer-Shipp will discuss and explore where we have been and where we are going as women in an evolving marketplace.

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Diversity in the Workplace - Having More Women in Decision-Making Roles is Good For Business 

Speaker(s): Seema R. Hingorani

Description: The research is clear that having more gender diversity in the workplace results in better economic outcomes. Diversity of thought and life experiences on teams is critical to driving innovation and excellence. Groupthink can often lead to disastrous results and the 2008 global financial crisis is just one example of what can happen when groupthink rules decision-making.

Currently, women comprise slightly more than 50% of the workforce in the U.S. but just 20% of senior positions and represent only 5% of CEOs of companies in the S&P500. Focusing early in building a pipeline of talented young women is part of the solution and developing this talent once they’re in the workforce is key to making sure women are set up to succeed in taking on senior leadership positions. Seema Hingorani has been a leading voice on this issue in the financial services industry, in asset management in particular, and with the nonprofit, she founded Girls Who Invest and in her new position on the senior leadership team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, she has already made a significant and measurable impact on transforming the industry for the better.

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Breakout Session I: 10:15 AM-11:00 AM

Business Finance - Owning That P&L

Speaker(s): Jacqueline Allen, Shifra AnsonoffDiane Johnson, Florianna Heun, Lisa Kaplowitz

Description: Whether you are a line manager in charge of a profit center, the owner of your own business, or on a management track, it’s important to know how to create a budget, direct supporting finance units and achieve financial targets.  After leaving this session, you will better understand how to own that P&L, including establishing revenue and cost projections, quantifying the key drivers of your business and setting meaningful measures of success.

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Empower the Female Investor

Speaker(s): Candice Tse

Description: Research shows that many women, despite considerable assets, lack confidence about investment, yet their need to build wealth is especially critical because of their unique set of circumstances, like longer life spans and disproportionate responsibility for children and elders. Investment literacy and access to expert advice are crucial to making financial progress, but hard to obtain if investors lack investing confidence and financial advisors lack awareness of potential client needs. To address this, EMPOWER the Female Investor is a program developed to help female investors move toward financial success. Through a mnemonic seven-step framework, this session aims to address common investment challenges, highlight ways to build confidence and identify solutions to help female investors empower themselves financially.

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Persuasion and Influence: Getting People to Want to Work with You

Moderator: Terri Kurtzberg

Speaker(s): Robin Doyle, Glenda Gracia-Rivera, Sharon Patterson

Description: This session will provide insights on how to influence the people around you, from subordinates to bosses, and from clients to internal team members. What can we learn from the fields of psychology and management about how to use both logic and emotion to become more persuasive? What kinds of statements should come first? How do you address the objections of others--directly or indirectly? What can you do to come across as trustworthy? These issues and more will be explored in this 45-minute discussion session featuring insights from both academic and professional settings.

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Resilience, Stress and Career-Life Balance

Moderator: Soobin Yoo

Speaker(s): Frieda T AboyounDiana Haussling, Sandra Lewis

Description: Women are known to be resilient but what is the secret to the balancing act of juggling a career and life? As we like to say – the struggle is real! Listen to a panel of women from all walks of life speak on their experiences of managing a career while living through the stress of everyday life, and how they have become more resilient over time.

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Breakout Session II: 11:15 AM-12:00 PM

What's Next for Employee/Business Resource Groups?

ModeratorSangeeta Rao

Speaker(s): Jan HelgesonMaricella Herrera, Karen Lemon

Description: Employee/ Business Resource groups are a critical engine of Diversity and Inclusion strategy. This panel will examine its evolution within the workplace and discuss current best practices, including Intersectionality and alignment with business operations.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Intersectionality

Moderator: Carolynn Johnson

Speaker(s): Wanda Cruz-MendezElena Richards, Phyllis Tsai

Description: Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion efforts at firms have been evolving and there has been an increased focus on the concept of intersectionality. This session will delve into the various themes of diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality with our distinguished panelists sharing their successes and challenges in achieving inclusive leadership at work.

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Identifying your Vision, Values, and Purpose

Speaker(s): Cathy AndruzziDesiree' KinneyYoungMi Park

Description: Women come together in a collaborative, interactive workshop to discuss their vision, values, and purpose. Hear from industry experts and career professionals via a fireside chat and learn how they developed their why and aligned their passion with their purpose. Then engage in an exercise to sharpen your own Vision Board.

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Women in the Continuously Evolving Workplace

Speaker(s): Madison Kraus, Spring Lacy, Elvia Novak

Description(s): As companies across industries adopt AI, Automation and new technologies, we all need to level up.  Learn from female leaders about which skills are in demand and how you can adapt and grow your skillset to keep up with the pace of change.

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VIP Lunch Session: ‘Choose a New Story’ Workshop 

Speaker(s): Lisa McCarthy

Description: Negativity and cynicism are toxic to your happiness and success. In this provocative, science-backed session, Lisa will share a simple 3 step model to help you transform negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward. You'll learn the secret to reframing your thoughts and leave with a tool to immediately impact your confidence, relationships, resiliency, and optimism.

Several networking lunches will be offered. The VIP lunch is exclusive to those who were invited.

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Breakout Session III: 1:30 PM-2:15 PM

Career Pivots –  Why? Why Not? Lessons Learned

Moderator: Sheila McGrath

Speaker(s): Yla EasonJamie Easton, TJ Niranjan, Barbara Weber

Description: Feel pigeonholed in your current job? Scared to make a career shift or career re-start? Come listen to our esteemed panelists' stories, advice, and lessons learned on career pivots.

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Effective Authentic Leadership: Matching Your Stories to the Audience

Speaker(s): Patricia DavidNancy DiTomaso

Description: Authentic leadership does not mean being stuck in the past, holding on to a single way of thinking about yourself. Instead, it requires an aspirational you who learns to adapt to each situation and audience as needed to be effective in accomplishing your goals. Authenticity means to draw on aspects of yourself as needed and to reshape and learn as you go. This fireside chat will explore the ways that leaders can be authentic and also grow and adapt to their careers and circumstances.

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Engaging Male and Female Allies

Moderator: Pooja Songar

Speaker(s): Adam Feigenbaum, Willie S. Grant, Richard GreeneLuciana Mascarenhas

Description: Women continue to face conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace, which limits opportunities for advancement and leadership. Participate in our interactive Fireside Chat with a panel of male executives. You will learn ways to engaging allies at all levels of the organization who understand and value the importance of gender (and ethnic) diversity.

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Gender Diversity Increases the Bottom Line

Speaker(s): Kristina Durante, Natalia EspejoLiz McCormick, Veronica VelazquezMinué Yoshida

Description: Companies with gender diverse teams report higher profitability and higher stock price performance.  Companies also realize that gender diverse teams better understand consumer purchasing behaviors. The challenge, however, is that companies also need to consider programing to retain women, including, flex scheduling, remote working alternatives, and maternity leave. Learn how women are enhancing company performance across industries and what companies are doing to ensure that women are part of their workforce.

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Closing Sessions and Keynotes: 2:30 PM-3:00 PM

Keynote III: What’s Next- Key Takeaways and Action Items

Speaker(s): Lisa Kaplowitz

Description: We will summarize the key takeaways presented during the Summit and detail action items to help you advance your career. We will then discuss the next steps CWIB is taking to advance women in business and how you can be a part of it.

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