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Life Sciences

Career success in life sciences requires staying abreast of the latest trends, research and regulations.

Our Mini-MBA in BioPharma Innovation offers both online and in-person instruction that is built to fit your busy schedule. Participate in interactive sessions taught by our expert faculty and derive vital business knowledge applicable to the industry.

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The Mini-MBA in BioPharma Innovation teaches life sciences experts key business management theory and methodology that will broaden their perspective. This course provides a better understanding of how biopharma companies plan for, and profit from, constant innovation.

In Class program: $4995.00
Online program: $3495.00
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The MiniMBA: Healthcare Management equips healthcare providers and administrators with a robust understanding of current and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements, compensation models, patient expectations, key business practices, legal considerations and practice management techniques. With a strong background in these critical, contextual elements of healthcare, providers can focus on their main priority--excellent clinical care.

In Class program: $3495.00
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