Professor Morris Davis

Center for Real Estate

About The Center

The business of real estate is changing at lightning speed. Influenced by an increasingly global economic landscape, policy forces and the disruptive impact of technology, opportunities are emerging, and disappearing, almost overnight.

Rutgers Center for Real Estate is primed for it. Our model of real-world education, industry-focused research and the cross-pollinating exchange of ideas is creating an influential Center in one of the world’s epicenters of real estate activity. A dynamic hub for students, academics and professional trailblazers alike, Rutgers Center for Real Estate has no less a goal than shaping the future of the field.

The Center’s mission is providing the foundation for:

  • Educating through a creative and innovative Real Estate curriculum.
  • Researching that leads the discussion of the macroeconomy and its impact on real estate.
  • Exchanging ideas and perspectives of students, faculty and industry leaders.

Currently more than 95 real estate industry leaders are lending their influence and expertise to establish the Center as the premier program in the country.

To learn more, please visit the Center for Real Estate website.