Sandy Tungare & Ravi Reddy

MBA '80

Co-Founder; ThinkSystems, Vistaar Technologies


Sandy Tungare and Ravi Reddy met as MBA students on their first day of classes at Rutgers and forged a quick and lasting friendship.

As students, they talked about forming their own business and drew up a business plan on a cocktail napkin after class one day at McGovern’s Tavern. Dreams of entrepreneurial success would have to wait, however. Ravi graduated in 1980 and went to work for an accounting firm that one of his professors, Lou German, was a partner in. Sandy graduated the following year and went to work for Nabisco.

The opportunity to start their business came several years later when Nabisco needed a software application that Sandy thought he could build. So, in 1986, Sandy quit his job at Nabisco, Ravi put up the money and they did what every new entrepreneur does – hoped they could make ends meet while they built a business.  

They pulled the cocktail napkin out of a drawer and co-founded ThinkSystems with Sandy serving as chairman and CEO and Ravi serving as vice chairman. Sandy, who was an early pioneer in the field of multi-dimensional technology was the product visionary, and Ravi, who had the financial acumen needed to nurture the fledgling organization, proved to be perfect partners.

Over the next ten years, they took the company from a three person start-up (Sandy, Ravi’s wife Prathi, and a summer student) to a 150 person multi-national organization with numerous large customers including 3M, Compaq, General Electric, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Nabisco, Pfizer, Phillip Morris, and Whirlpool. By the time they sold it in 1997 to i2 Technologies (making that company the largest developer of supply chain management software), their venture was worth $146.6 million.

They have since co-founded several companies, including Vistaar Technologies, a company that focuses on building software applications for global enterprises, which is run by Sandy, and Quest Industries, a packaging company run by Ravi. Their partnership, which began at Rutgers, is now over two decades old. 

Recognized: June 19, 2002