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Institute for Ethical Leadership

We strengthen ethical leadership to enhance civil society.


The Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership, working with business, government, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and within Rutgers, provides leaders and future leaders with the education, training and critical-thinking tools needed to make ethical decisions.

Part of a broad-based academic institution, the institute believes that cultivating and rewarding sustainable ethical practices assist leaders to create a more powerful and successful organization. The institute, under the direction of co-founders, Alex J. Plinio and James Abruzzo, aspires to a position that leaders, across all sectors, look to for guidance, partnership, and support.

The institute believes that ethical behavior drives good business and that legal compliance alone may fail to address the complexities of ethical conduct.

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The Institute is a proud 2014 Hermes Creative Award Platinum Winner, recognized for the animated video (shown above) that brings its mission and work to life.

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