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Rutgers Business Insights

The Fed Dilemma: To increase interest rates or not

A macroeconomic Hamlet would agonizingly ponder: To soft-land or not to soft-land, that is the question? says Professor Farrokh Langdana. More ›

Friday, October 20, 2017

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Business Insight: Why startup founders should be required to sign "No go, bro" clauses

In September 2012, SoFi, which had been founded the year before by Cagney and three Stanford Business School classmates with $2 million from Stanford alumni, received $77.2 million from U.S. and Asian investors. At that key moment, the investors pouring significant funding into a tiny startup could have, and should have, taken a strong hand in corporate governance.  More ›

Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Business Insight: Creating effective digital habits for yourself and your company

One of the tricky areas to get right in today’s world is the balance between being connected to work through our wireless devices and protecting some pure time off. More ›

Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Business Insight: Examining the real potential for investment in Cuba

While conference attendees with prior Cuba working experience would tell you that construction activity is multiples of where it was a few years ago, there is still a lack of large substantive projects under construction. Why? The answer lies in how business is conducted on the island. More ›

Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Business Insight: While the Fed taps the brakes, investors ignore the signs

The Federal Reserve has been tapping the brakes on monetary supply with three interest rate hikes since December 2016 yet traders have been shrugging this off. Why? More ›

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TAGS: Executive MBA Farrokh Langdana Finance and Economics MBA Thought Leadership

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Business Insight: Why people oppose globalization

Globalization is accused of causing job losses, culture shocks and xenophobia, but modernization of lifestyles and industries alter work and life patterns more fundamentally, Distinguished Professor Farok Contractor writes in a piece recently published by YaleGlobal Online. More ›

Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Business Insight: Technology ushers in era of relationship overload

"Why is it so hard to shut down the steady stream of requests and information about other people that come our way, even if the risks in terms of cognitive burnout are so great," the authors, ask in a blog originally published by Thrive "In short, because we are hard-wired to be social animals, to get energized from hearing gossip, to want to be noticed by other people, and to want to constantly compare ourselves to others to see how we measure up." More ›

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Business Insight: A tax reform proposal for the people

Congress should demand that a carryover tax basis rule apply, but limited to marketable securities, the authors write in their opinion piece. When taxpayers pass away, the tax bases they had in their marketable securities would thus carry over to their heirs. Heirs who subsequently sold their inherited securities would then pay tax on all of the capital gains that accrued during the deceased taxpayer’s lifetime.  More ›

Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Business Insight: Disrupting U.S.-China relations will incur high costs

President Donald Trump may be right in asserting that China has benefited more from the relationship than has the U.S., according to Professor Farok Contractor. But international trade theory and practice never suggest consistent and perfect trade balances. Theory holds that nations are better off by participating in international trade. More ›

Thursday, March 2, 2017
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Business Insight: Labor remains a wrinkle in fashion industry's supply chain

There are two paths in which continued improvement can be carried out: either by companies taking on the initiative of creating standards and organizations which promote fair labor practices in manufacturing facilities; or having regulations imposed on them by governmental agencies in host countries in which they are manufacturing goods. More ›

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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