The Rutgers Advanced Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Development

The Rutgers Advanced Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship and Development (RAISED) serves as the platform organization supporting a series of initiatives intended to drive entrepreneurship efforts across Rutgers Business School, the greater Rutgers University and the communities with which our faculty and students engage. RAISED efforts are focused on creating a unique synthesis of research, teaching and engagement that rejects the idea that academic rigor and practical relevance are competing goals.

RAISED also provides leadership to RBS Anchor Institution activities with the goal of bringing RBS intellectual capital and engagement to bear on the resurgence of our urban environments.

Operating under the RAISED banner are four centers distinctly focused on building and supporting a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and small business owners: 


The RAISED Vision

 At RAISED, we see entrepreneurship as a vehicle for people to become who they want to be by creating organizations that harness the creative energies of those who share common dreams. Through our research, teaching and engagement with the community, we foster environments in which our students and members of the communities we serve can succeed as entrepreneurs regardless of the resource constraints or obstacles they face. 

We are particularly interested in nurturing new ventures that promote healthy and vibrant communities, that foster sustainable environments, and that create good new jobs for local people. We want to enable the dreams of our students and community by listening carefully to their business goals and providing them with the guidance and support they need to succeed as entrepreneurs. 


The RAISED Model

RAISED will drive research through integration with teaching and practice in a manner that emulates the clinical research model used by university medical schools and their affiliated teaching hospitals. 

How this works:

Similar to the way medical schools conduct varied basic and applied research and engage in knowledge sharing, collaboration, testing, clinical trials and the training of future clinicans, our approach to entrepreneurship mirrors this model through a few strategic steps:

  1. RAISED affiliated faculty and staff conduct basic research (for example, in entrepreneurial resourcefulness, the social psychology of entrepreneurship, development of technology clusters, and emerging models of social entrepreneurship), as well as applied research (such as in tools for encouraging urban entrepreneurship, specialized training for specific industries and demographics, promotion of sustainability, ecosystem development, and management of the scientist-manager interface in new ventures). 
  2. RAISED faculty draw on their own and others’ research and experience-based practices to provide coaching, training, problem solving and growth planning through "clinical" engagements with entrepreneurs. 
  3. At the same time, RAISED faculty provide scientific and practical training to the next generation of Ph.D. researchers in entrepreneurship, along with MBA and undergraduates intending to pursue entrepreneurial careers. These activities are integrated through an array of collaborations, both internal and external.