Center for Marketing Research

The Center for Marketing Research aims to connect the marketing research industry with the academics through academic research and educational programs.  The center supports research activities in developing and applying emerging research paradigms, methodologies, and techniques to various business problems.  Outcomes from these research activities are to be disseminated through academic publications as well as through classroom instructions.  The MBA concentration of Marketing Research Analytics and Insights (MRIA) is a unique program that equips future Marketing Intelligence leaders with the capability to understand business problems and opportunities and address them with effective plans, programs, and analytics that lead to business solutions and recommendations.  The Center manages the MRIA program by updating its curriculum, advising its student club, organizing job fairs, and facilitating student-industry connections. The Center manages funding provided primarily by the member companies in its advisory board, and administers fellowships to a number of MBA students.  The Center solicits, distributes, and administers industry projects for faculty research and class projects.


Current member companies of the MRIA Advisory Board

Rutgers MRIA corporate partners