Congratulations to Rutgers Supply Chain Management students and recent graduates, Gia Farooqi, Hasan Usmani, Moneeb Mian, and Hanaa Lakhani, for winning the $1 Million Hult Prize.Click here to read more about their exciting accomplishments
Why major in Supply Chain Management? Simply put, Supply Chain Management is the way business gets done.
Rutgers Supply Chain Management ranked #11 in the Nation by Gartner Supply Chain Leaders!

Center for Supply Chain Management


To become a nationally recognized Center for Supply Chain Management dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address business problems encountered by the enterprise in the management of the end-to-end supply chain.

The Center builds upon the strengths of the Rutgers Business School with world-class research, innovative teaching and the integration of inter-functional business disciplines. We value and actively promote a high level of collaboration between the business community and Rutgers University.


The Center for Supply Chain Management:

Provides solutions to emerging supply chain management problems by:

  • Promoting problem solving and research between the Rutgers University faculty and the business community.
  • Serving as a ready source to the business community for leading-edge best practices in supply chain management.
  • Developing and delivering executive education in supply chain management to the business community.
  • Conducting periodic meetings of member companies to share best practices, identify research topics, and disseminate leading-edge thinking.

The Center for Supply Chain Management is supported by an academic advisory board consisting of senior faculty from Lehigh, MIT, North Carolina, NYU, and Rutgers, and three industry advisory boards (the corporate sponsor board, the center board, and the undergraduate SCM advisory board) consisting of business executives from over 30 major corporations. These boards collaborate with the center in joint research, recruiting, and education for future SCM talent and maintain an objective to build the top SCM program in the country.