Invest in a Rutgers Entrepreneur

As a way of encouraging entrepreneurship, CUEED recently helped two teams of student inventors launch crowd-funding campaigns to raise money for the development of their promising products.

RBS senior Chris Arthur and his classmates, Christopher Akparanta and Paul Aderinto, are working to develop an app that will keep college students like themselves informed of campus events and activities. They’ve named the app, CampusBord.

Michael Rodriguez and William Munoz, who are both RBS seniors, and Sarah Moritz, who graduated from Rutgers in May, are already in the early stages of developing a prototype and patenting Zurge+, portable kiosks equipped with batteries that would make it possible for people to conveniently recharge their cellphones in malls, supermarkets and bus stops.

Using the crowd-funding platform RocketHub, each team is trying to raise tens of thousands of dollars in contributions of family, friends, professors, Rutgers alumni and others who are interested in making an investment in a new venture.

Dr. Brett Gilbert said the RocketHub campaign will allow the students to go beyond their personal networks to raise the critical early financing for their products. “As a university,” she said, “we have a tremendous network of people who have an interest in Rutgers students being successful.”

It’s easy to play a role. To contribute to their campaigns, click on one or both of the links above. To learn more about the two proposals and how you can be part of the growing trend of crowd-funding, go to

The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development is also looking for business people interested in serving as mentors to ambitious student entrepreneurs. To learn more about how you can help, please contact: