Make a Gift to the Office for Diversity Programs

The world continues to progress into an increasingly more diverse place. RBS is committed to assuring this same diversity also be reflected in our student body, faculty, staff and partners. If we are to see our mission of Excellence, Diversity, and Access manifested it is imperative that we ensure access to higher education to all students who are high performing, highly motivated but from low-income and historically under-served communities. Funding and scholarships are critical tools that RBS utilizes to attract, retain, and graduate diverse groups of students to become our future business leaders. We cannot accomplish this without your generous support. Giving to diversity student programs at RBS is very simple and makes a lifelong difference in the lives of students. To give your support today, please follow these steps:

  • Click the donate link below.
  • Enter your donation amount in the field provided.
  • Next, under the “I would like to give to” section please be sure to enter the amount again in the field next to RBS Diversity Programs Fund and fill out your personal information as indicated.


Click here to donate to help fund RBS Diversity Programs.