IEL co-founder, Dr. James Abruzzo

About Us


We strengthen ethical leadership to enhance civil society.


Our Goal is to have our country, its people and organizations, accept and adopt a new way to measure, reward and recognize great leadership based on the evaluation of sustainable ethical behavior and sustainable organizational performance.


To accomplish its mission and to achieve its vision, the Institute, including its staff and advisory board, in association with the University faculty and administration, as well as its partners and vendors, is committed to a set of values that create the organizational culture for ourselves and for those whom we serve.


We consider respect for each human being as fundamental to promoting a work environment, among individuals and within organizations, where people relate in a civil, consensual, and authentic manner to advance the open expression and exchange of ideas and viewpoints. We support and promote nurturing, growth and development for those with whom we work.

Personal and Professional Integrity

We strive to build trust with all those we serve and with whom we work by adhering to values of ethical and fair dealings, open and honest communication, and personal and institutional accountability and integrity. This includes fiscal responsibility, which is a key component of sustainability.

Commitment to Excellence

While holding to the highest standards of quality and achievement in all our programs and activities, we strive to exceed the expectations of our students, program participants and clients. We are a creative and innovative learning organization with an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces a focus on personal and professional growth and change.


We promote a partnership-oriented work style that offers a high degree of accessibility and responsiveness among associates within and outside the University.


We actively seek diversity of human life, thought and experiences among our staff, advisory boards, partners, participants, clients and vendors to create an enriched environment for increased creativity, innovation and productivity.