Wayne Eastman

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J.D., Harvard Law School
A.B., Harvard University; Government


Business Ethics, Business Law, Business and Public Policy, Moral Emotions, Social Games, Behavioral Economics


Ethics and Business, Law & Legal Reasoning

Professor Eastman has published articles in business ethics, management, and law journals. His academic research program focuses on business ethics, with emphases on how moral emotions help people solve social games, solution concepts for two-person games, ideology, and value diversity. Currently, he is working with others to develop a new subfield, critical business ethics, which emphasizes the need for a self-critical, reflexive approach to research and practice in areas such as human trafficking, the coffee supply chain, financialization, and the link between background and ideology.  In his teaching, Professor Eastman focuses on both business law, in which he emphasizes skills in making effective arguments, and business ethics, in which he also emphasizes skills in harmonizing as a leader with different people and groups.

Professor Eastman has an active applied research program that aligns with his administrative activities as vice chair of the SCMMS Department and with his civic commitments as a member of the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education, past president of a church in Orange, and founder of a non-profit, GlobalSOMA, that celebrates South Orange and Maplewood as international communities.  His public scholarship has included discussions of test scores, community integration, and how the K-12 and college-university sectors can learn from one another in regard to faculty governance and collaborating on business education. He has testified multiple times in Trenton in favor of tenure reform.


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Business Insight: Why startup founders should be required to sign "No go, bro" clauses

Thursday, September 21, 2017

In September 2012, SoFi, which had been founded the year before by Cagney and three Stanford Business School classmates with $2 million from Stanford alumni, received $77.2 million from U.S. and Asian investors. At that key moment, the investors pouring significant funding into a tiny startup could have, and should have, taken a strong hand in corporate governance.  More ›

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Hoping for a convergence on a "big America" vision

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If it's possible for liberals and conservatives to join together to combat major threats to America and the world, Rutgers Business Professor Wayne Eastman believes it will need to involve a powerful spirit of hope as well as for both sides to respect one another's fears. "Historically," Eastman says, "progress in America has involved a constructive fusion of fear and hope."  More ›

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A Memo to the Absent Democrats: What Comes Next?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

By Wayne Eastman, Vice Chair and Professor of Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences. "The current showdown over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to eliminate collective bargaining on non-wage issues for most government employees should focus attention on the American union movement and its future."  More ›

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