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Associate Professor of Professional Practice
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WP 974
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Ph.D., University of Sunderland; Supply Chain Management and Environmental Management and Policy


Supply chain management, supply chain environmental archaeology, supply chain environmental management, systems-thinking process modeling, life-cycle assessment and costing modeling, climate change - value driven supply chains


Supply Chain Environmental Management – Green Purchasing (Graduate, Undergraduate and MBS); Public Procurement (Undergraduate); Climate Change; Supply Chain Archaeology (Rutgers Byrne Freshman Seminar); Decision Making for Environmentally Sustainable Urban Businesses; Next Generation Energy Leaders and Entrepreneurs (Undergraduate-Rutgers Newark Honors College)

Dr. Lyons conducts research on developing and integrating global environmental, social, economic, ethical criteria and data into supply chain/procurement systems and processes. His research work includes the environmental and economic impacts on raw material extraction, logistics, manufacturing, consumption, consumer of multiple products and services research, designing and implementing local, national and international environmental economic development systems, waste-to-energy systems and environmental and sustainable social policy and financial impact forecasting (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Corporate Social and Environmental Impact Reporting). He has also created the supply chain archeology and supply chain waste archeology research disciplines and has researched and written extensively on conducting environmental health-checks on global supply chains and the resulting benefits of reduced risk management impacts and costs.

Lyons also serves as director of the Rutgers Business School Public Private Community Partnership Program

Awards: Sierra Club Annual Professional of the Year Award, New Jersey State Governor's Award for Environmental Leadership and Excellence, NSF-IGERT grants (2)



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